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Yo Yo Yo thanks for the invite

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Thank you for the invite :)

{Open roleplay}
Lion: looking for a s class job none of them are on my level sigh to easy

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thanks for invited me

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Eyes: blue
Magic: blue flame dragon slayer requip magic
Hair: blue
Personality: cocky smart fighter
Best freind: summer Dragneel​
Gf: Luna Dragoneel​
Guild: fairy tail
Family: erza scarlet (mom) jellal fernezas (dad) simon scarlet (brother)
Bio: good person loves dragons and is strong that he looks also hes an s class noone has seen his full power accept zeref

Anyone wanna rp?

Thx for the invite

How do u invite ppl +Ailina Arikishiki

+Zwei night crawler​ why another name?

Name: Astra Arte
Gender: Female
Magic: Mainly requip, but she does know a little fire dragon slayer magic, including being able to turn into a dragon. She's considered S-class
Age: She keeps it a secret, but she looks 18.
Family: Her parents were killed (I might make another OC for her sister, anyone else can make another sibling) by a dragon's human friend. She later went and killed the human, but the dragon got away.
Bio: She lived in the forest her entire life, and she memorized every forest near Fairy Tail. She was young when her parents were killed, so she lived with a requip magic teacher until she was old enough to live by herself. At the age of 10, she joined Fairy Tail, as her parents wanted her too. But she was never at the guild until the requip magic teacher vanished. She thinks the dragon killed her as well, and she always carries the sword that was given to her by Jem, the requip magic teacher.
Looks: Multicolored eyes, her usual eye color is usually black, but when she gets angry, either one or both eyes become reddish. Her hair is blond, but has black streaks she claims to have come from the guy who killed her parents.

(I'm sorry for the length of this)
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