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Anyone see this before? Everything works as expected except this "spill line" 
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Alright guys I've run into a peculiar issue. I'm just starting to research but I thought I'd run it by the community just to see if anyone has encountered this and solved it.

I have a client (customer) running Sierra. I setup Mac Mail with her Gmail account. She then created groups to send emails to. When she sends emails directly they send without fail. Any time she tries to send to any email group, the emails are each returned as blocked. I receive emails when they are direct, but if I'm included on a group email my Gmail rejects it (as do all other recipients using various email services, some private servers as well).

I'm just starting research to figure this out but if you have any insight into what's going on I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

I installed windows on an external drive and plugged it into my mac it booted fine all drivers for bootcamp work fine but there's no sound someone help
Willing to pay 

Anyone in here use LogicNow aka SolarWinds MAXMail hosted email filtering?

If so, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a method for exporting your account basically. Whitelists, users, etc.

Pretty straightforward network, I'm just at a loss at this moment for explaining what is happening.

New fiber install, ethernet handoff to my equipment (Cisco ASA). A single Cisco AP into ASA PoE port, and a handful of desktops connected to a gigE switch and uplinked to ASA.

Circuit is a small 20x20.

Connected to the AP, a speedtest on my phone or any one of 15 iPads yields appropriate speed results.

Connected to the AP, a laptop yields ~5mbit down, 20mbit up.

Connected on wired lan, a desktop yields ~5mbit down, 20mbit up.

Connected directly to the ethernet handoff port (bypassing switches and ASA), laptop yields ~8mbit down and 20mbit up.

Provider monitored at fiber hub and never sees more than 10mbit downstream and sees 20mbit up.

Question: why are my phone and ipads getting the speed, but no other devices?

Am I making this too complex and it's really something stupid I'm overlooking?

Anyone help with a screen resolution setup?
I have a laptop that needs to change to extended display with both set at 1080. Win+P does enable extended but primarily display defaults to 4k. The user is not highly technical. So I was hoping to find a script/batch file etc that a short cut could be easy to run

Guys, I have a tricky one for your all

Does anyone know how to force any application to ALWAYS stay in the foreground no matter what?

If any pop-up appears, the application should force itself to the foreground

... Oh, and I need to be able to do it via the command line.

Windows 7, 8X

Hi All
I have an issue with my VPN connection between head office and branch, at my HO I have two VLANs VLAN2 and VLAN11 but from all my branch it often disconnected unexpected with VLAN2. Is there any advise? 

So I have a Meraki that has VLAN 101 MGMT , VLAN 150 DATA and VLAN 200 VOIP Meraki has a trunk port connected to port 1 on the Edge switch which is also trunk will all the VLANs. Port 2 has phone and PC connected which PC works just fine but the phone doesn't due to it not seeing the Avaya DHCP server. Port 48 is set to access with VLAN 200 which holds the phone DHCP server that is set as a static but the server is not pingable. The Meraki could ping the server itself but no device on the switch could ping it. What am I doing wrong?

Does anyone have a link to APC Smart UPS Visio stencils that are newer than 2003? Can't seem to find them anywhere!!

Thanks in advance!
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