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Welcome one and all to Mitico Mafia Kingdom

Since we just started we encourage you to create your Mafia Family. Invite friends to come along and join the quest to be the most powerful Mafia.
If you'd like to start a Mafia family, please talk to the owner, especially if you'd like to be the Boss of the family.
Each Mafia Family can earn a deadly creature to be apart of the family.
Have any questions? Feel free to ask them!
This is a new community after all so don't be shy


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Warlock Profile Template

`Name` Johnny Storm

`Gender` M

`Age` 14

`Mafia Family` Bene

`Rank` To be determined

`Abilities/Type of Magic`
Elemental(Ice): Conjuration and manipulation of different degrees of ice.

Snowboard: He utilizes this with his magic to ride as he creates waves of ice and freezing wind.

Knife: It's a magic item that stores a lot of ice magic. It can be used as a ice bomb to produce a large glacier of ice or to create a valley of ice shards.

`Companion` (optional)

`Likes/Dislikes` (optional)

`Personality` He's a hotheaded during expreme situations, despite how cool his power is. He acts sometimes wrechlessly, especially when he sees an opportunity to. He's usually calm when faced with simple conversations but gets loud when something is out of his comprehension or seems irrational. He doesn't like to be looked down on but still knows that he needs to be looked down on to pass the level he calls "respect".

`Appearance` ( picture added )

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+Kaffie/Lilac (Can't tag)
Title: The Guns of the North
Characters Involved: Katyusha Romanov, Trixie Danger
Houses Involved: House Terra, the Syndicate

The dock was large, rows and rows of crates forming an endless maze. Each crate had strange lettering emblazioned on the sides. Soldiers wearing thick coats, and steel helmets patrolled around the maze in pairs, folding rifles. In the harbor itself was a massive ship, made of steel, bristling with cannons and guns. It was night, and so, spotlights on the ship shone over the dock. The soldiers escorting Trixie were more better equipped than the guards patrolling around, wearing steel body armor and equipped with small machineguns and shotguns. They brought her to the ship, where a long, extendable, metal bridge stretched out from the ship to the side of the harbor. After being escorted to the ship, the soldiers walked away, and sailors from the ship took her to the captain's room, after leading her through a maze of cramped, metal hallways and through short, small doors. They passed the radar room, the main bridge, and the crew mess hall before finally stopping in front of a steel door. The sailors, after knocking, left. The door was opened by a tall, blonde-haired woman, wearing a large, commissar's trenchcoat. Inviting her in, the woman took off her hat as a sign of respect, and offered an ornate, well padded chair in front of her desk, which was also ornate and well carved. After taking her seat in front of the desk, the woman began, in heavily accented English.
We have heard you run a Mafia family. We have also heard you have many rival families, people who wish you dead. Our offer is simple. We will give you the things you need to destroy them all, with ease. However, such things do not come cheap, you will need to pay a price. How does this sound?

Syndicate Wares



>_M-34/7 Semiautomatic Handgun_
A big, heavy gun for when you really want somebody dead. Heck, if fires bullets that are meant for rifles! Silencer comes included. $453.00
>_M-44/7 Revolver_
A small, more concealable gun. This time, it only has six bullets, but hey, the bullets are huge. And besides, you only need six shots to kill someone anyways. Comes in a long barrel or a snub-nosed barrel. $330.00
>_M-77/7 Semiautomatic Handgun_
The newest and best model, this gun is smaller, and shoots smaller bullets, but is lighter and can shoot straight. It also holds more bullets. Silencer comes included. $483.00.
>_Mmp-42/7 Automatic Handgun_
Another new thing, this gun can fire on full automatic, and is small enough to fit in your coat. It also has an included silencer. Fires the same bullets the M-77/7 uses. $500.00

The bigger of the two, the 41/6 is also the oldest. It fires bigger bullets, but slower and more inaccurately. The stock and barrel can be shortened to fit in your coat, and it uses a drum magazine holding 60 bullets for long term useage. $740.00
The smaller of the two, and the newest. Fires smaller bullets, but faster and more accurately. Can easily fit in a suitcase or a coat. It also uses a 60 round drum. $740.00

>_Mosin-Nagant M-36_
The most common rifle in all of Tretchka, the M-36 is a bolt-action rifle firing full sized 7.52x52mm bullets, enough to go through brick walls. Accurate and powerful enough to protect your territory, but cheap enough to give to all of your members. Silencers come included, of course. $500.00

>_Mosin-Nagant M-37_
A cutting-edge, new rifle, that fires full sized bullets, but semi-automatic. Probably only reserved for the people in your group that know how to use it, because this doesn't come cheap. Fires from a 16 round magazine, firing 7.52x52mm rounds. Silencer and scope come included. $800.00.

A short, pump action shotgun meant for clearing trenches, but easily able to clear bars. This little fellow can be carried in a coat and be pulled out for any situation needing some spicing up. 20 gauge, 6 rounds. $678.00.

An old design that remains popular, the '12, as it is fondly called by soldiers, is a double barreled, 12 gauge shotgun with a shortened barrel. This gun is a bit larger than a normal handgun, but can quickly deliever two shots of hot buckshot into anyone in your way. And, it's cheap. $356.00.

{Heavy Weapons}

A handheld, lightmachinegun. It does what it says. 90 round pan magazine, ect, ect. For when you need more firepower, but can't lug a Maxim there. $4300.00.

>_M-203 "Maxim"_
A stationary, watercooled, beltfed machinegun. Fires big bullets, quickly. Set this up in a window, and you can have an entire street covered. However, this thing is heavy, and takes at least three people to operate, hence why you need to set it up somewhere and stay there. $1700.00.

>_M-203C "Pom-Pom"_
A larger version of the Maxim, originally meant for shooting down aircraft. It can also be used to shred cars, or wagons, or whatever the fuck you use here. $2000.00.

A small, light mortar (basically a small cannon), for any situation. Don't know why you'd need it, but its good for defending shit. It goes over walls, and it has a relatively short range. $1850.00.

The ultimate in fucking up someones's day, this baby consists of mounting four Pom-Poms to one turret, and then connecting them all to one trigger. Can shred through basically anything. Cars, walls, people, you name it. $4000.00.


It's what we call a motorcycle. It might be the fastest and and smallest vehicle we have on stock. Good for hit and runs. Can carry, at most, two people. $1750.00.

Armored car. It's like a normal car, but fully encased with armor and with a machinegun mounted on the top. Can also carry an additional 6 people, along with the crew. Ideal for transport. $3549.00.

A normal flatbed truck with a canvas covering in the back. Can carry like, 38 at most, I think? Ideal for transport and cheap. $3000.00.

This is the most expensive killing machine, maybe, we have on this list. It's what we call a "tank". Fully encased in armor plate, around with four cannons, one on the top turret, on in the front, and two on the sides, and with around treads, like a tractor, it can go anywhere, and kill anything. It's loud, it's large, and it's messy, but it gets the job done. $7000.00.

We only have a few of these, but these are airplanes, machines that can fly. These ones are fighters, with armored underbellies, dual machineguns in the front, and a smaller machinegun in the back. Two people can sit in these, and it can also drop bombs. $5056.00.


For a price, we'll use the guns on our battleship to pound your enemies into dust. Lasts for around 30 seconds. $10,000.00.

If you pay, we'll send up a squad of soldiers to attack a rival organization. $16,059.00.

(Just to show what we have and prices, ect.)

"Cyka blyat. You really think you could just steal out goods and run, little rat? Well, guess we'll have to remove your hands, so you don't do it again."

"We aren't necessarily bad people, da? Think about it as a legitimate business. But with guns."

"Trust me, tovarishch. Technology is everything. Say you had a machinegun, 480 rounds per second, and your enemy had a pistol that can only fire 12 shots in a minute. Would you win, wouldn't you?"

`Name` Katyusha Malaika Romanov.

`Gender` Female, you fucking blind shit.

`Age` 27, if you can believe it.

`Mafia Family` Some know us as the Romanovs. Other know us as the Syndicate. Same thing.

`Rank` I am the head of the Syndicate, the top "boss" as you'd say. Officially, I am Major Romanov, of the 1rst Motorized Guard.

`Weapons` I have this M31/4 Semi-Automatic handgun. 20 rounds, 7.52x52 milimeters. Made in my country, my homeland. I have it with a silencer, no need to disturb the neighbors. And here is it's little friend, the officer's sabre I recieved when I graduated from the Academy.

`Companion` Companions? My comrades, obviously. My tovarishches who I serve alongside with.

`Likes/Dislikes` I love my country. I love my comrades. I like money. I like business associates. I dislike thieves and dirty, little liars. I especially dislike cowards and traitors.

`Personality` Most describe me as a hard, cold bitch, no emotions at all. See, that's simply not true. I have emotions, but I tend to ignore them. My duty is above all else, even emotions or blood.

`Appearance` Well, you can just look at me, can't you?
(Admin's note: she looks exactly like Balalaika from Black Lagoon. I am unable to get a picture right now)

`Bio` Romanov was born into a poor family, in a country known as Tretchka. Surviving the cold, brutal winters, and many invasions from surrounding countries, Romanov decided to join the military at a very young age. She rose up quickly, becoming an officer and leading a battalion of men. As she retired, she still had much power, and so, taking military equipment and a battlecruiser, the TNV Matryoshka, she sailed off to sell the weapons to anyone who needed it, and eventually docked at Mitico, settling there quickly. From there, she grew a reputation for repaying favors and being merciless and cold, and for having not only a battleship, but huge stocks of military equipment, and an army of trained soldiers and sailors.

Alright, Kapitalist pigs, welcome to our dock. We can do many things here, the most important of which is to sells weapons and equipment from our country, Tretchka. We can also repair anything you need, give out uniforms, heck, even allow you to stay here, safe, for a price. The Syndicate itself is a collection of soldiers and sailors from the Red Army, and I am their commander. There isn't really much to say here. Our main base of operations is both our Battleship, and this dock. Yeah, the ship may seem massive, but we have bigger ships in Tretchka. You can check our prices at the front desk, and if you have any questions, ask me or one of my officers. If you try to take anything, just remember we have 3,500 men guarding these docks. Each one of them has a rifle, and orders to shoot. We also have several machinegun nests in the entrance, facing both ways, so, don't even try. Any other questions, please ask now.

Helloo. Anyone care to navigate me through this place?

The Syndicate
A group of rogue Northern soldiers and sailors who now own a dock in Mitico. Officially, they unload exports and imports from around the world, but secretly they sell weapons and military equipment from the North to anyone willing to pay.
During XXXX U.C, the Northern Territories of Tretchka and Gretshchen combined to form the Northern Imperial States. Shortly after, food shortages and the strict government caused a civil war. Exactly 45 percent of the military suddenly rebelled and managed to overpower the rest of the military. The rebels won, but couldn't form a solid government, and so, the Northern States were engulfed in chaos and crime. A group of soldiers and sailors, led by a mysterious commander, stormed a harbor, stole priceless amounts of military equipment, then hijacked a massive battleship. They then sailed around the world, selling weapons to countries that were less technologically advanced, before docking at the Kingdom of Mitico. From there, they bribed some officials, and got their own harbor. They began calling themselves the Syndicate, and after some minor conflicts with some small, local gangs, they established a reputation as being better trained and equipped than anyone else. However, they are willing to share.

Note: Instead of Mafia ranks, they use shortened Northern military ranks.
Commissar: Katyusha Romanov (Godfather)
Lieutenant: OPEN (Co-leader)
Commissioner OPEN (Takes care of finances, logistics, supplies, ect.)
Section Commissar: OPEN, THREE SLOTS AVAILABLE (Lieutenant, leads Soldiers and Sailors.)
Comrade: NPCs (Soldiers and Sailors)

Elemental Type: Mechanical

Main Base/House: The Syndicate Docks

I have a question about technology. So what I'm planning is the Syndicate, from the Far North, who bring advanced technology with them. I'm talking primitive armored cars, old fashioned machine guns, ect. Basically stuff you could find in World War One. However, their goal isn't to clash with any of the existing gangs, they just want to sell weapons, for a price.

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Horns blare from the grande castle deep within the Mitico Mafia Kingdom
People are seen laughing and walking towards the grand castle as music is heard from inside playing.
Drinks and food are served around by the wonderful castle staff.
At the back of the ballroom open to all sits the lovely Queen and King of the Kingdom
Welcome one and all! We are glad to see you all here today! Please enjoy the evening and dance to your hearts content!
We would like to announce a grand thank you to the Benne Families joining us today who protect our beautiful kingdom!
Cheers erupt throughout the ballroom and the royal family takes their seat, soon the room once again fills with chatter music and dancing
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