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I shall start the event whenever people make profiles ^_^

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Be ready! visible Wormwood(?! /planet X, Nibiru) 

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Name: Silas Denarius

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Weight: 165.347 lbs

Height: 6' 0"

Occupation: British Commando

Weapons: British Mk II Enfield Rifle, m1911, and and commando knife

Bio: My family has been with the Royal military have sense the 1200s, we been knights, generals, and now commandos. Britain has always had a strong navy as we're an island nation and now we're the super power of the world with the U.S. being the only on par with us. Together we try to keep the peace in this "water world". As for me, me and my team mainly deal with pirates or other rabble, protecting merchants.

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Why not include a picture of Anton

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(Sorry if this does not seem very descriptive, I am not feeling well today...)
The streets of New York, half of it was saved while the waters were slowly rising, as the entire state came together to make dams around what was left. But what was outside of these dams were tall buildings, towering over the waters. Whoever did not have enough money to get inside the dams, lived out here, but they never complained, the waters provided great farm land and everyone was nice and peaceful folk.... Can't say much about little Lyra, the town thief...
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You know you all can start RPing right? XD

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Flooded world map and event owners
North America- +Youmu Konpaku+Viola Ellen​(Canada)
South America- +Matthew Mullinax
Euroasia- +Matthew Mullinax​ (Russia) +Viola Ellen​ (What is left of Europe) +Youmu Konpaku​ (Countries under Russia (China, Korea, etc. But not Japan))

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Name: Hazle Aeris Heartfelt

Nickname: ((none really))

Age: 27 years of Age

Gender: Female


Occupation: Her previous Occupation to anyone's knowledge was some form of doctor & following up on that she was some kind of scientists.Any further knowledge doesn't exist

BIO: Hazle was born in Toronto Canada where she was raised by her widowed mother. ((a large portion of this part of her life is unknown you may be able to drag it out of her)) When she had finished college she immediately got a job in the medical field working her way up rather quickly when she became twenty four she soon was offered a different kind of job in a lab whatever happened there has yet to be known.

Personality: She is often lost in thought.Often times she is a rather nice person helping those who need it,On the other hand she will often be honest giving her opinion on a situation.

Weaponry: Her arsenal has yet to be fully exposed but it Appears she has an oddly made shotgun.

More about Appearance/Clothes: ((below))

Likes: Reading, Studying, Helping the mortly wounded, Experimenting, Science, ((Maybe?)), Warm baths, Snow.

Dislikes: Rudeness, Dishonesty.

Height: 4'9

Weight: 119 Lbs
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Name: Chuy
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: about 5 feet
Weight: about 110 pounds
Occ.: High schooler
Weapon: Wooding sword, Katana blade (at home), Pistol gun (also home)

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Upcoming Event: To Arms?
Event Details: The American government is slowly becoming separated. The south of America wants to flood war into Europe, since they refuse trade with the Americas. The north says that is stupid, there is no need to go to war for some un obtained pieces of grain. The disagreements have created tensions with riots and protests on the capital. Will the american government have to use drastic military actions to resolve the violence, or will they resolve the problem peacefully, and diplomatically?
People effected: American citizens, Canadian military, American military, American government officials.
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