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Good morning Google+! We've heard your feedback about download speed when grabbing Carbon, and we've been working on ways to improve that. One of those ways included improving Get Carbon by setting up distributed downloads (Mirrorbits/Akamai CDN), but in order for it to work effectively, we need volunteers to donate bandwidth. If anyone is interested in helping out, please shoot an email to!

The only requirements for being a mirror are:
At least 500GB of storage space
At least 100mb up/down.
And hosted somewhere the mirror is available 24/7.

I have built Carbon ROM for p1a42 and I want to make it official. What is the procedure for it?

Does Dirty Unicorns dropping support for bullhead effect CarbonROM? I know the kernel is based on the DU kernel, so i figured I should ask. The latest for bullhead has amazing battery life so I'd hate to lose that

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Was compiling Carbon for Moto g5 Plus (Potter). Get the following error:

Any idea what's up? is the audio CAF HAL I'm using.

Thank you!

Holy crap, carbon 6.0 for the cheeseburger flies like a dream. I was impressed for an unofficial build

When will Android O officially support sony z2 ?

Help my cancro no signal and no aignal wifi bluetooth fc no imei in last version

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Is this a feature in Carbon? I've been trying to find it since I installed it last night on my Galaxy S3.

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So.. +Joseph Maples and +Christian Oder were fishing, and look what they found.

FP doesn't work in the latest build - Kenzo
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