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José Iván

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Hi everyone ... Does any one can explain to me how budget works in adempiere ? any link ? thanks
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Hello community ,  I've got a question about  scheduler ( AD_Scheduler ) .... I've got a Processor that read many xml files , compute and move the directory .... so If I execute manually it works fine !! but with a scheduler this not complete  ... works around 13 seconds and then stop ?  do  anyone know it has a max time to execute or something like that ?  Below u can see a image of my crontab .... every day at 10:00 am. Thxs for your time to read !
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thxs !!! let me see . BUT good point .
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Victor Perez Juarez

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World Announcement for ADempiere new and improved content portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved content portal for ADempiere thus reaching another milestone following the release of version 380, which confirms the traction and commitment from our community and all those behind this great Bazaar project.

A group of committed people worked hard for several months to build a professional and informative site for our business solution, a place where people will find all the required information to evaluate our process management tools, breaking dependence from a particular software provider and avoiding high license costs and more important not requiring long term commitments from third parties to install, extend and/or customize it.
The portal offers an overview of the history, functionality, features, benefits and success stories on ADempiere, but also allows to quickly download an installer, swift access to source code, bug tracking and browsing the forums to learn from other organizations using Adempiere worldwide.

A new publishing platform has been adopted that will allow a more effective maintenance and keeping up with the project’s documentation for current and future enhancements on a regular basis.

We also have moved away from the historic SourceForge repository to a more professional and secure version control system thus all code and collaboration platform ADempiere moved to Git:, which hosts hundreds of open source projects with thousands of developers working actively and collaboratively for the success of their own projects. We also moved the binaries distribution to which also serves many other professional software open source projects and malware free.
We started with a new tool to manage and control the discussion forums where information and knowledge will be managed by the community allowing you to create a knowledge base for the benefit of all those involved. 

On the other hand we are in the process of migrating information from the old sourceforge forums to our platform to protect the knowledge generated by the 10-year project.
We have created a chat room for developers to collaborate on the development of future versions within the channel is public and anyone with github account can access it and free to participate.

An important additional point worth mentioning is that the portal is a place where the interested parties can find business consulting services from professional experts, certified and experienced partners that have successfully deployed Adempiere throughout the years.

We have created a certification program that enables our associates qualify by successfully documented cases of guaranteeing the quality and knowledge of the solution.

Incorporate a training plan to train experts in ADempiere consultants that implement best business practices in the sales process, distribution management, supply chain, manufacturing, production control, financial management and human capital.
We established a very successful contribution process by integrating the best features of business and validated in successful implementations, allowing customers the benefits are not obtained proprietary software manufacturers since this project to be led by the community, customers dictate improvements and functionality for future versions.
For version 4 we will focus on the technological renovation to compete with the demands of today, creating a new UI for mobile devices and the development of a new web interface with support for HTML5 responsive, in the next release ADempiere will support Java 8 consciously decided to wait for the release of Java 9 in particular the Jigsaw project that will become the standard for Java modularization.
We want to thank all contributors who made this great company, I invite anyone who wants to collaborate with this great project.
Victor Perez Juarez
Founder of ADempiere
On behalf of the  Community of ADempiere
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Victor Perez Juarez

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The Future Of ADempiere as a DDD reactive system

Before I start talking about modularity, I’d like to describe the path to define the most suitable architecture for a software like ADempiere.

During the last years I’ve been reading and analyzing the different approaches and architectures for software development and at the same time figure out which would be the best for ADempiere.

As we all know too well, the design of our program is based on a two-layer combination [Client/serve](–server_model) (1) Swing, which in the nineties of the last century was one of the best adopted because it used the network and the PCs in a way that the main server was freed from heavy load by leaving certain tasks on the client. The main focus was to have the core of the software being executed on a central server while clients connect to it to access data and do the business logic locally.

Ironically think have swung back to where they originally started, as there was a mainframe with dumb terminals which only displayed data to users without any kind of complex data processing.

I was not present at the age where it was needed a white coat to access to big data centers consisting of several IBM 390s or Systems 36 with hundreds of terminals (ATMs). But today, the context is in a way similar to these former times: there are big data centers which by the way have helped to reduce costs with rented servers accessed on a virtual way for a couple of hundreds dollars a month (Amazon, Google Cloud, Heroku to name a few). The main difference now is that applications have to service thousands or even millions of users, the capability of being able to scale up horizontally is an usual requirement nowadays; these new context demands that applications are designed differently as the requirements are totally different.

The access to these servers is made by gadgets which though not totally dumb, they execute client applications run on a web browser whose only task is to interpret java script or HTML code, where the highest value is standardization and integration of multiple operating systems and platforms.

In the next decade the main focus was in developing applications based on the model view controller paradigm [MVC](–view–controller) (2), which allowed code separation.

The model layer allows the access and updating of data, mostly saved in a relational database. On the other side it allows to work with Object-relational mapping (ORM) which consist of an abstraction on the database and persistency, replacing the usage of SQL sentences depending on the implementation of a motor implemented on every database.

The view layer separates the code for displaying and for user interaction via an user interface, which is implemented according to the access gadget.

The controller layer is in charge of linking the view layer with the data model, and implements the code that responds to the actions needed.

When we analyze the code of ADempiere in retrospective, we can see the course of time and evolution of underwent. It went from the original client/server based on Java swing with direct database access via pure SQL sentences to the current own ORM combined with SQL to access the data and the MVC application based on te AJAX web client.

Even though technology has moved on, our domain model has persisted; that is why we can infer that the most important asset of ADempiere is the Application Dictionary which preserves the domain model and the business logic.

Thanks to the fact that ADempiere was drafted and developed on a Model Driven Architecture [MDA]( (3), the domain model is protected of obsolescence by the Application Dictionary

As a voluntary person, responsible for the future architecture of beloved ADempiere, we will adopt the DDD approach as the main line of development.

### Now: what is a software development guided by the  [Domain Driven Design DDD]( (4)?

_DDD_ is an approach for developing software with complex requirements and having a deep linkage to a model that defines the core of the business logic being developed.
The most important commandments to develop and maintain a domain model are:

* Place the main focus of the project in the core and the business logic of the domain.
* All complex designs are based on a domain model.
* Initiate a creative collaboration between technicians and domain model experts to define iteratively a model that addresses the particular problems of the domain.

The [Domain Driven Design]( (5) is not a technology nor a methodology. It is a set of patterns towards the building of business applications starting from the domain model, which provides an useful, practical structure with consistent terminology for decision-making in the course of designing software. 

_Domain_ : a knowledge sphere (ontology), influence or activity. The area where an user applies a program is the software domain.

_Model_ : a set of abstractions describing sections of a selected domain than can be used to solve problems or tasks related to that domain.

_Ubiquitous language_: a structured language in the context of a domain model and used by all team members to interconnect all team activities.

_Context_ : the scenario in which a word or statement defines her meaning.

A purely technical vision for the software development could be the migration to a multiple layer application (persistency layer, access data layer, service layer and presentation layer).

_DDD_ is not quarrel with any technology or design pattern for example [Dependency Injection DI]( (6), 

but without change there is a very important premise The domain model should remain isolated from the outer layers! since any technological change should not affect my core business.

###Important Premise: 

* The model must be kept isolated from the external layers! The reason: no technological change should affect the core of the business.
* Each layer is a concentric circle which defines a software area; while moving from the center to the outer levels the software evolves. The outer circles are mechanisms, while the inner circles are the conditions.
* The most important rule for this architecture is the dependency rule.
* As a rule, dependencies within the source code can point only towards the center. Nothing in an inner circle can know about anything in an outer circle. Moreover, any declared name in an outer circle cannot be mentioned by the code of an inner circle. This includes function calls, classes, variables or any other software entity.
* Due to the same reason, the data formats used in an outer circle cannot be used by an inner circle, especially if these formats are generated in a ORM from an outer circle. It is our intention that nothing from an outer circle affects the inner circles.
* This way, for interacting between circles or layers is paramount to establish an API which allows the communication between inner and outer layers by means of adapters or messages

There are some architectures based on this view; they are similar and differ in some points, but coincide in the importance of a domain model  [Hexagonal architecture]( (7), [Onion Architecture]( (8), [The Clean Architecture]( (9).

As the way of defining how we will build the software around ADempiere is crucial, we will adopt the clean/Onion architecture, where the main focus is to keep clean the domain model interacting with the outer layers by means of contracts (APIs or interfaces) which allow to conveniently separate the domain model of the implementations  (API or contract). This will provide for an ordered evolution avoiding technological obsolescence.

On the other hand, we will define a [Domain Specific Language DSL](  (10) for ADempiere focussed on the business, allowing the building of our ubiquitous language and clearly delimiting  the contexts. This helps a more natural development of the business logic.
As stated before, every decision has to be authorized by the benefits to be gained; moving towards DDD will allow us to obtain the following benefits:

###The Benefits:

* Decoupled code
* Reduce spaghetti code
* Traversal Services independent of the domain model (Log , Transactions , Security ).
* Code easy to maintain
* Software adaptable to changes
* Design based on components
* Contexts delimited by the business process
* Build our own testing sets (functional, integration, regression test) 
* Better handling of dependencies and modularity.
* Create a DSL (Domain-specific language) (9) for the business
* Build to Adempiere as a [Reactive System](  (11) __(Responsive , Resilient , Elastic , Message Driver)__ 
* An application designed for the demands of today

It is important that developers interested in participating in this big project become familiar with concepts and terminology.

In the next months and weeks, I will continue writing more articles with concrete examples permitting discussion.

[Victor Perez](
An ADempiere founder


* (1)–server_model
* (2)–view–controller
* (3)
* (4)
* (5)
* (6)
* (7)
* (8) 
* (9)
* (10)
* (11)
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Victor Perez Juarez

Comunnity  - 
Campus Party Colombia - ADempiere conference
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Victor Perez Juarez

Comunnity  - 
ADempiere_Best_Practices -> New contributor license text
Overview. This page outlines the practices to be followed for development within Adempiere. The rules and processes described are intended to ensure that the project is able to maintain the high standard of quality that is expected from a business critical application.
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Victor Perez Juarez

Funcional Team  - 
Meeting Minutes June 24th 2013
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Victor Perez Juarez

Funcional Team  - 
Meeting Minutes June 10th 2013
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Victor Perez Juarez

Comunnity  - 
Dear community,

It is a pleasure for me to announce the road map for the next version ADempiere 380.

The functional and technical teams, along with the new release mangager are working hard to release the next version.

On behalf of Functional and Technical Team
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Hi, I am looking to move to the ADempiere 380.
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Hi !! everyone ... I got a question and you all maybe can help me .... I know Adempiere has a process that make possible Bank Transfer but if I for example make a bank transfer to pay an invoices for example ... I know that we have payment window for this ... but Can I make a payment by bank transfer ?
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Thanks !!! +Colin Rooney for reply me ...  that's what I thought !!! and that way I am doing but I was wondering if I missing something ... When u create a Cash Journal record using the Bank Transfer  process , this create   a payment record too ... maybe in this record we could add the BP Partner ID ... but I don't know really if I missing one step. Also in payment window 
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Victor Perez Juarez

Comunnity  - 
ADempiere 380 - Official Release

These files are the compressed installation files of ADempiere version 380, built from the Github repository as of 03 March 2015, including seed databases for Oracle and Postgres.

Though in the following enumeration there is no mention of any contributor, we would like to thank to all persons and companies who have helped to this release of ADempiere 3.8.0.

For downloading the installation files, please refer to the official release site

Every one who wants to help and contribute to improve this awesome product is welcome!

On behalf of the Technical and Functional Teams


The modules Human Resources, complex Production are now fully integrated, including a wide range of of improvements and bug fixes..
A New Costing Engine has been added to overcome costing problems that have existed.
A configurable "Smart Browser" has been included to define complex views in the Application Dictionary and present information without having to use database tools. The results of the views can be edited, changed via callouts and used as input for dedicated processes.This is a very helpful tool for customizations.
A Production Lite was added.
Warehouse Management implements functionality for advanced warehouse management using outbound rules and outbound orders.
A Distribution Management which includes distribution netwokrs for supply chains integrated to the complex Production Module
New Sales Management (CRM) capability that provides for lead and opportunity tracking.
New Cashflow Management use sales orders, accounts receivable, purchase orders, accounts payable, miscellaneous income and expenses to generate a cashflow report.
A Mobile WebUI functionality has been integrated.
Forecast Management implements functionality for the forecast based on the historical invoices, using multiple methods of calculation.
A new one-step process has been created for initial client setup, including tax configuration.
Expanded dunning capabilities provides the ability to define pluggable Dunning Sources and create Dunning Candidates.
Works with the existing Dunning Grace functionality.
GL Accounts can be automatically or manually reconciled.
The Account Reconciliation functionality is designed to assist in reconciling suspense/clearing type General Ledger accounts and reporting on the records that make up the balance of a clearing account at a particular point in time.
A migration tool has been incorporated that eases the work of migrating production databases to the latest version.
New xml-based AD Migration tool aimed at replacing the database dependent SQL scripts. The xml versions are database independent and are easy to generate and maintain. This is primarily aimed at migrating the seed database to the next version.

A configurable dashboard has been added.
Lookup and Info forms have been improved so that the buttons provide information about the record in the search field.
Searches will function regardless of the choice how the fields are displayed.
New functionality has been added to the forms as well to reduce duplicate entries and provide cleaner subordinated information
Allocation differences can now be allocated to a charge other than a write-off.
Human Resources recruitment and administration tables have been included.
A Role Template has been added.
A Process gear can be added to any window.2Pack feature has been updated to support new functionality.
Minitables (Swing) and Listboxes (ZK) have a new event on row selection to reduce the number of events fired.
Storage cleanup will now deal with non-instance (product only) ASIs and these can be selected in Inventory Move Lines.
State-of-the-art, new ZK theme for monochromatic icons of flat design for faster transmission.
Integrated Report Line Improvements in Finantial Reports (Smart Reports).
A multi-currency aging report has been created that will revalue non-system currencies on a specific date.
The GL Journal Line has been simplified to allow creation of account combinations based on the selection of the values of dimension fields, making it much easier for the user to use.
Entities can now be deleted.
Fixed Asset module was stabilized.
An XLS option is available for Jasper Reports Currency exchange rate conversion now use the date of the payment/invoice.
Shipments can be created using a consolidation of multiple sales orders, express receipt transactions. Transactions can be generated using a barcode reader
A Bank Statement Line tab was added to the Payment window.
The presentation of periods in report parameters has been changed to sort by start date
An alert has been added to Internal User Inventory if the on-hand quantity is less than the internal use quantity
Neẅ process to calculate MRP (Regenerative , Net Change, Selective Plan)
Improvements in Manufacturing: Smart Browser for MRP Action Messages , MRP Demand Browser , MRP Supplies Browser , MRP Demand & Supplies View Pegging , MRP Detail info , Planned Order Approval (Change from MO to Requisition or vice-versa is possible ) , Approval Manufacturing Order , Approval Distribution Order, Scheduling of demands , Scheduling Supplies.
Improvements in Manufacturing: Activity Control , Activities Scheduling , Activities Progress Monitor , Shop floor transaction detail , Activities progress control.
Forecast Management: Operacional Calendar , Generate Sales History , Sales History , Forecast Rule (Double Exponential Smoothing, Simple Exponential Smoothing, Triple Exponential Smoothing, Polynomial Regression, Naive Forecasting, Multiple Linear Regression, Best Forecast Model, Moving Average) , Forecast Definition , Forecast Simulation , Forecast Simulation Result , Forecast Simulation Report, Generate Forecast , Forecast Report , Forecast Report by period.
Dunning candidates can be processed to Dunning Documents or written off.
InfoFactoryClass for Smart Browser.
Attribute sets, Attribute use and instances can be imported.
Bills-of-Materials can be imported.
Import Workflows.
Import Forecasts.
Import Product Planning.
Import Employees attributes.
All 370 patches and 371 hot fixes are included.

Field "Has Role" was added to the User window to indicate if the user has assigned roles.
Range-based lookup has been implemented on windows based on the selection columns.
Included Tabs are displayed horizontally.
Defining default element type in the system element definition.
Automatic creation of 7 obligatory fields when creating a table.
Creating rapidly columns with the help of system elements.
Creating process parameters using system elements.
Embedded tabs, improving handling.
Horizontal tabs.
A "select all" checkbox has been added to the header in Swing mini tables to have common functionality with the ZK UI
Manufacturing planning data tab has been added to the Product window.
The ability to hide certain columns in the grid view.
An auto-complete feature has been added and can be used on search fields.
Additional grouping for products (Product Class, Product Classification,Product Group).
Select All in Swing Tables adds a checkbox to the table header in multi-select tables that will allow for select-all functionality.

Compatible with Java version 7.
WebServices have been improved and integrated.
The InteliJ IDE is now supported (:
HTML report presentation has been improved.
Tools libraries updated: Jasper Reports 5.1.0 (which allows to use iReports 5.6 instead of 3.7.2), JFreeChart 1.0.15, Groovy 2.0.1, POI 3.9-20121203.
Display graphics on any record.
A Password Hash to store user passwords in a secure way.
A Memo Alert can now be triggered when selecting a business partner or product in any window.
Print formats can be easily copied with intelligent copying of any included print format items.
Random documents and test data can be generated for demonstrations.
The Zk mini-tables now support color rows.
Fixed the Class Not Found Exceptions while executing the Copy Account Process in Product Category, Business Partner Group and Accounting Schema windows.
There is also the possibility of using the Docker tool for testing and/or distributing ADempiere: .
Build and install scripts have been improved.
Unaccent-String function in Oracle was corrected
Of special note is the inclusion of new migration tool that can be used to migrate existing databases to the 3.8.0 version. See for more information.
There is also the possibility of using the Docker tool for testing and/or distributing ADempiere:

The source code is downloadable under . You don't need an account to download.
For more information about the new features, please see
See also .
Follow the standard installation instructions here: .
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Tobias Schöeneberg

Technical Team  - 
1 WORK IN PROGRESS; 2 General; 3 Agenda; 4 Terms to revision of the code; 5 How to do distribution of work to revision of contributions; 6 Answer to following questions; 7 Proposing a change in license best practices; 8 Changing the "development" branch to "default; 9 Log. WORK IN PROGRESS ...
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Victor Perez Juarez

Funcional Team  - 
Meeting Minutes June 3rd 2013
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Victor Perez Juarez

Funcional Team  - 
Meeting Minutes June 17th 2013
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Alex Yang

Comunnity  - 
Looking forward to long waiting 3.8 release!
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Victor Perez Juarez

Comunnity  - 
Dear Adempiere Community,

I am happy to announce that the ADeV board at last has selected a candidate who will fulfill the role of Release Manager.
After discussions and heated deliberations, Walking Tree Consultancy ( WTC ) ( ), based near Hyderabad, India was selected.

WTC has a strong experience implementing Adempiere.
As an example, Ajit Kumar, CTO and Co-Founder of Walking Tree, authored a book on Adempiere (, which has been useful to many of us in the community.
Walking Tree is also well known through its blog ( ).
We hope with the selection of WTC that the much-awaited Adempiere 3.8 will be released soon, with more to follow, and look forward to a comprehensive synergy between WTC and the Technical/Functional teams.

On Monday, May 27th, 14:00 hours GMT there will be a joint meeting of the Technical and Functional teams this regarding.
The last meeting on this matter was . Quite late, if you ask me, but never too late.
This is also a call for people interested in cooperating either in the release (testing, documenting, etc.) or with contributions.
Up to now Adaxa, eEvolution, Metas, OFB and Walking Tree have offered interesting and useful contributions to be included, so it seems Adempiere 3.8 will contain a major functional boost.
One of the major tasks will be the work of selecting, integrating and testing these contributions.

If you are interested in shaping and getting soon an Adempiere version with awsome functionality, just write to or, indicating your skype account to be called.

On behalf of Adempiere e.V. and the sponsors
Mario Calderon
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Victor Perez Juarez

Comunnity  - 
Welcome to ADempiere Smart Business Suite  community
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