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There's going to be a general announcement later today, but you heroes get the news first!

Masks: A New Generation Dice & Decks are now available!

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Masks, Session 1, Not Exactly Actual Play

For our first real session of Masks, I decided to start off the game[^1] with a super-awkward morning-news-show-style interview with most of the team and the interviewer, Tasha Starr.

It was deliciously horrible. When Iconoclast finally blasted in the streetside window and shouted "this interview is over!" the Bull's immediate reaction - over a live mic - was "Thank Christ."

Then there were supers fisticuffs and the rescuing of civilians and idiot morning show hosts.

One of my wonderful players (+Bill Garrett) put together a series of livetweets commemorating the interview, and I just had to share, because they're great.

The last one in the series is by me, foreshadowing events coming up in session 2 (and the still-ongoing fight just outside the studio).


[^1]: The actual start of the game was the love letters I wrote for all the characters, captured here:

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A tale of 2 decades between costume changes...

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Prepping some villains for tonight's game, and I thought I'd share a form-fillable PDF of the villains sheet, in case it's of use to anyone else.

First real session tonight, and I'm working on some love letters for the characters, which I figured I'd share.

This one is for Harry Gale, aka Mercury, the speedster Legacy of the World's Fastest Family.


Dear Mercury,

It's been two weeks since that fight with Hannibal Lectric, and the way your folks are acting, you'd think you'd won the lottery and gotten accepted at MIT on the same day. You're used to them 'helping out' with your life, but now it looks like they've got a whole new batch of kids your age to 'coach.' The team won't know what hit them.

Roll +Savior. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* Uncle Chase mentioned (during a family dinner) Hyena was very impressed with the team-up against Lectric. Mom and Dad were not pleased, but you snagged your Uncle later and let him know you'd really like to meet Hyena, back in the City. Quietly. At that meeting, the vigilante hero offered some 'off the radar' support for the team, though you haven't said yes, yet. What's the offer?
* Your family (and by extension the HHL) is asking a LOT of questions about Link - that guy in the cool power suit. What piece of information about Link did you intercept before your family saw it? (You don't have to detail it, just say what it was about.)
* You thought your family made a big deal of your "heroic destiny," but Adam - Concord - has caused more closed-door meetings in two weeks than the first time Transcendent went evil and took over the moon. What did you say to your parents that actually got them to back off the kid a little bit?

On a miss, pick 1, but you totally pulled parent-aggro. Editorial will tell you what they guilted you into doing to make up for your meddling.

High-speed hugs and kisses,

First session tonight, and I'm working on love letters for the characters. Figured I'd share, since love letters are hard to find sometimes.

LAST ONE is for Link, our robotics-genius Bull, and secretly the son of the villain Minion Maker.



It’s been several weeks since your confrontation with Hannibal Lectric, and you've been preparing yourself as well as you can for the new public heroics you won't quite admit you're looking forward to.

Roll +Freak. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* Quill's nanites are pretty wicked tech. Pneuma says he's told people in interviews that he doesn't really understand them - obviously lying to throw off his enemies. You've run some theoretical models - in what way would those nanites enhance your tech, and in what way are they dangerous to your tech, Otto, and Pneuma?
* Agent Waters got in touch after the thing with that asshole, Lectric. You couldn't tell if A.E.G.I.S. was happy about what happened, or pissed off. (Or maybe they were pissed, and Waters was happy?) What piece of advice or clue did Waters secretly share, just before he left?
* You and Pneuma managed to corner and interrogate a d-list thug who was armed with one of your dad's weapons. What unexpected thing did they reveal to you about the source? Why was Pneuma upset after the encounter?

On a miss, pick 1, but your tech made the news before you were ready; someone recognized you from the Derby footage and now knows who, what, or where you are. Who was it, who besides you does this put at risk, and how long you think you have until the cape hits the jet intake?

Hugs and kisses,

First real session is tonight, and I'm working on some love letters for the characters, which I figured I'd share, since love letter examples are hard to find sometimes.

This one is for Concord, our way-too-young nova, host of the Universal Concordance, a semi-sentient galactic ... organization? Entity? Hard to say.


Dear Concord,

It’s been several weeks since you and some heroes took on Hannibal Lectric at that fancy horse race. Since then, Mom and Dad have been... a little less freaked out by the whole hero thing, especially since the Gales offered to 'help out with some connections.'

Roll +Mundane. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* You and Harry Gale (Mercury) have actually met up a couple times - once without either one of your families knowing, so it didn't feel like some kind of stupid play date - what did you two get up to with no supervision? How was it totally awesome, and what thing do you KNOW your folks wouldn't like?
* You've been unexpectedly scheduled for a public appearance (by the Gales) but got a little coaching on how to handle it (again, by the Gales). What maybe-useful advice did they give you, before you tuned them out?
* You've been having scary dreams, but they're starting to make a little bit more sense. It feels like the Concordance wants an agent here on Earth for a reason. What dream-images can you remember that hint at that purpose?

On a miss, pick 1, but all this superheroing has left your little sister really out of sorts and acting out at school. Your parents aren't saying it's your fault because she misses you, but they aren't NOT saying it, REALLY clearly. Tell us what super-responsibility you neglect to spend some time with her, and what do you do with the borrowed time?

Cosmic Cuddles,

First real session is tonight, and I'm working on some love letters for the characters, which I figured I'd share, since love letter examples are hard to find sometimes.

First one is for Jason Quill, our nanite-'protected' Doomed.


Dear Jason,

It’s been several weeks since your confrontation with Hannibal Lectric, and you have (carefully, so carefully) gotten the Quill labs AI to analyze the effect Lectric's bioelectricity had on your nanites, as well as pursue all your other responsibilities.

Roll +Superior. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* The AI research revealed some potentially useful applications for 'overcharging' your nanites. What is the program's suggested course of action, and what are you more likely to do?
* You managed - at Ms. Joseph's urging - to shore up your standing with the trustees of the Quill Foundation. What did you agree to, to polish off your halo, and what did they offer up return?
* Your investigations (aka: cron_strong_in_his_mountain.exe - an automated search program you hacked together) indicate Alycia Chin is back in Halcyon City... somewhere. What's the rumor on what she's up do, and what key piece of information did you pick up that might be useful?

On a miss, pick 1, but some potentially dangerous bit of Quill tech has gone missing from corporate inventory. What is it, why is it dangerous, and who you think might have taken it?

Love and Kisses,

I have a question. The books says: "To clear Hopeless, fling yourself into easy relief." What does easy relief mean?

Can team be used to lower Take a Powerful Blow result?
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