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Rice Homework Help Mods for the 2017-2018 school year!

+Rithvik Ganesh
+Cassie Liu
+Angelin Nguyen
+Kelly Hu

Rip this community I want to revive it, but meh

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so . . . <cough> is this community still a thing, since the last post is from like 28 weeks ago?

i might as well be a mod then since im the only person here now. soooooo i guess this can go in "staff posts only" now that i am staff.

somebody make this less dead so i can bestow my moderator power on everyone now.
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I wanna be a moderator for this next year. Is it possible, or can only officers become mods? because then that's kind of nepotism.

2 more days of school

does anyone have any quizlets for pace semester (2) exam?

rip this place is so dead but hI GUYS
to incoming freshman going to jasper
yes it is a distraction sometimes and you'll need to learn to not get distracted, but there are a bunch of study groups and a lot of communication for clubs happens through facebook. :)
also if you have any questions about jasper or high school in general feel free to ask in the comments or text me through hangouts id be happy to answer!

What was the debate google classroom code again?

can someone give the science google classroom code

Hey guys! I created an RMS Active Help GClass. Basically, a more active google plus community focused on HW help. Any and all mods will become teachers as soon as they join(i can't demote myself from teacher for some reason). Anyway, just wanted to let you know! Code is down below.

JOIN CODE: vbtz3hb
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