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As you know, the 2016-2017 school year has come to a close, which means us Eighth Graders are not going to be at Rice next year, which means Rice Homework Help needs new Mods for the 2017-2018 school year!

Duties of Moderators include:
Letting people into the community
Removing spam/inappropriate posts
Maintaining an ethical learning environment (study guides okay, answers to tests NOT okay!
Creating a safe/clean community
Watching anime

Moderators must be:
Highly active on G+
njhs officer
Willing to make decisions in a second
Possessive of good judgement/intention

If you are going to be an Eighth Grader for the 2017-2018 school year, just DM any of the current mods (+Okina Nakama, +Priscilla Lee, +Angela Yi, +Angela Wang, +David Yang) and tell us why you're qualified to be a mod next year. Or you can comment below. The mods will be announced sometime over summer, which could be next week or mid-August depending on how much time we have spend watching anime before making a decision. (My Hero Academia Season 2 is really good right now.)

Is there a homework help thing for jasper too? 

When signing up for eschool would you put 8 or 9 as your current grade level?

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Just wondering where everyone is in band. PS, i got symphonic!
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Wind ensemble
Ew Band
Ew Band and Orchestra

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Hey incoming freshman! Congrats on finishing middle school! If you guys are feeling stressed about Honors Bio next year or want to get a head start on the class, here's all the study guides I made over the year. Use them as a supplement. PS the first unit Organic Compounds is found in the semester review.

Have a great summer!

can someone plz upload the science 8th grade semester exam for this semester

As you all know, NJHS phase one voting ended, and results were announced. I know I didn't get into the second round, and some of you didn't either. Congratulations if you did, and it's okay if you didn't. Don't put others down just because they didn't get in and you did. We don't need a repeat of all region. We don't need more drama either. We have anime for that. 

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If anyone was wondering what happened to the candy...(this isn't all mine btw)

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Who's going to the 8th grade graduation party?
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me yay
ew no

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Here's the exam schedule
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