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I'm doing an international giveaway of 2 V-MODA Crossfade Wireless headphones.

Good luck!

It looks like an international giveaway will soon be available...
Stay tuned!
#PodcastAddict #Giveaway

Has anyone else experienced this?

When I am listening to a podcast and then pause and go do something then comeback and hit play the podcast starts between 5-20 seconds back from where I paused? Example: paused podcast at 20:30 then hit play and it starts playing again at 20:20.

I want to have Tasker open to a specific playlist and play it by sending the intent com.bambuna.podcastaddict.openplaylist, but I do not understand how to add the arg1, arg2, and arg3 values?

I understand arg1 is the playlist, and in my case it is a customer playlist. I also understand arg2 and arg3 are boolean (true, false) but I don't understand how to add the arg's to the intent?

I am wanting arg1 to be a custom playlist. And arg2 to be false, not open the UI. And arg3 to be true, play the playlist.

Hi there! Just recently started using podcast addict and I love it so far. I was wondering if there is an intent to open the app to the recent episodes page? Thanks!

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Meet Ben from the bar, he's been addicted to drugs, homeless twice and is now living with his father that he just met a couple months ago.
He is only 21!
Listen to Ben tell the story of him sleeping on the streets, moving from the midwest to the east coast and we go into details about the type of drugs that he was using. Trust me, you're gonna be just as surprised as we were!

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Song Exploder Looks Inside The Music Of Stranger Things

Hi! Is it possible to select and play a specific radio station via tasker intent? thank you!

When in a podcast where it lists episodes, is there a way to add "downloaded and not played" to the dropdown filter?

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Nerdify Podcast Network is the home of such podcasts as: Nerdify Podcast with Regie and James and Cinemechanics with Morgan, James and Regie.
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