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Want to find out how #Link4Growth  can help your business. Then come along to #Link4Coffee  on Tuesday 15th and you will find out all about it!
Link4Coffee events are informal morning drop-in sessions, created to provide a regular opportunity  to unwind, share knowledge and connect with - not just local business people - but all kinds of interesting individuals from your local community; artists, musicians, doctors, teachers, geeks, policymakers, students, chefs, lawyers, retailers - we even welcome traffic wardens and tax collectors! :) At just £3 for your tea/coffee and no charge to attend!

Join us for a relaxed informal coffee over business  
3rd Tuesday of the Month 10:00am – 11.30am
Croxley Business Park - Watford 

Use Link4Coffee to catch up with colleagues and friends as well as making new connections too…

Find out what's happening in the community from local people as well as what else Link4Growth is hosting in your area.

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Why We Love Watford

In this infographic we highlight why Watford is the best town in Hertfordshire for #localbusiness  

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I know a number of business in the Croxley business park  - who are you looking to engage with and why ?

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Pleased to announce that +Martin Holmes has now been made a moderator for this community

Will be looking to engage with all the businesses on the Croxley, Watford and Tolpits lane industrial estates under the Link4Growth banner... A real opportunity to begin to bring this important community together! ... and start to use modern technology to enhance ourselves, our communities and business.
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