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Gravity : Why all bodies fall at same rate ?..... Quite interesting right ?......

All of us knows about gravitational force, two main features about gravitational force are that the gravitational force is universal and the gravitational force is always attractive.....

But why all bodies falls at same rate ?.....

This can be explained by two laws, Sir Newton second law of motion and sir Newton universal gravitational law.....

Check Out At

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Is it really possible to travel in time ?...... or we might have traveled in our time with advancing technologies since our ancient times ...... Check out at

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Great man with a wonderful thinking.....
One of the great scientist in the history of science....
He changed the thinking of our world, and presented the new image of universe which helped us a lot.

I want to start this community with sir Albert Einstein famous quote......

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Hi Friends,
Welcome To The Community Of FANATIC SCIENCE.
I Would Like To Introduce My Self As Yashpal Kashyap, 
Fanatic Science Is My Work Which Will Give You the Information Related To Modern Physics.
In This Community I Will be Posting My Work, I Hope You Will Enjoy My Posts And Get Benefited With More Knowledge.
Thank You For Joining FANATIC SCIENCE.
Your Comments And Suggestions Are Very Valuable. 
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