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So Everyone Decides To Get Together And Chill. Play some games and chat.

Aries : Alright so... Who's gonna pick the next stick?

Gemini : Not me. I picked one already.

Aries : Awe you just don't wanna kiss Libra anymore.

Libra : Whaaat? You say it like I got cooties or something.

Gemini : Well for you cooties seems to be an understatement.

Sagittarius : Ooooooo~ Shit. Gem went there! Hahaha!

Capricorn : Sag don't instigate.

Libra : Oh I know Gem doesn't mean it. It's the drink talkin. The drink...right?

Gemini : Yeah...I'm just not sober.

Scorpio : Well you know what they say. "A drunk person never tells a lie."

Capricorn : Exactly. So I'm assuming there's gonna be some reveals tonight.

Virgo : Cap. Isn't it your turn to pick?

Capricorn : We're still playing?

Scorpio : Ugh. Who's idea was it again to play the Kings Game?

Pisces : Me!

Aquarius : And me!

Scorpio : Yeah... Now I remembered why I agreed.

Aries : Mega soft spot for Pisces.

Scorpio : I'm sober enough to kick your ass. Don't underestimate me just because I'm drinking.

Leo : Don't underestimate Aries either Scorpio. I personally think they can take you.

Sagittarius : Hmm. Are we betting?

Aquarius : No. We're playing Kings game! I'm picking next.

Virgo : No it's Cancer's turn. Cancer pick one.

Cancer : I don't even remember how to freaking play. Ya pick a stick with a number on it and then what?

Virgo : No no. One of the sticks has King written on it.

Taurus : And whoever picks that stick, gets to be "King".

Leo : As in you, the king, gets to order someone to do something. It's sorta similar to Truth or dare.

Taurus : Just with more Dare than truth.

Libra : But I thought that if you had written 2 of the same numbers on different sticks, then those two have to do something together?

Taurus : No no that's something different.

Gemini : I'm so damn confused.

Capricorn : Let's just play it how it was first described. Whoever wants to play, pick a stick.

Aries : Even the people who don't pick a stick, still has to follow the orders of the King.

Scorpio : Whatever. Picks stick Mines blank.

Capricorn : I'll pick next. picks stick Nope nothing.

Pisces : Picks stick Nothing here either.

Aquarius : picks stick Same.

Cancer : Nope Nada.

Virgo : Completely bare.

Leo : Ohhh yes baby!

Sagittarius : Oh no.

Leo : Ohhh yes! I got the Kings stick!

Libra : I'll be the King's second in command!

Sagittarius: Me too!

Capricorn : You idiots just don't want to be victim of Leo's orders.

Leo : Cap you ass. I'm not harsh. In fact I'm quite merciful.

Scorpio : You're right. You're not harsh. You're greedy with your temporary power.

Pisces : I have to agree actually.

Gemini : Yeah me too.

Aries : Leo I love ya, but don't do anything too... Aggressive.

Leo : You guys are cruel.

Capricorn : Oh we'll see who's cruel. Go ahead your majesty.

Scorpio : Yeah declare your first order.

Leo : Ya know, 'Your majesty' would have sounded better from Scorpio's mouth instead.

Scorpio : stares daggers at Leo

Leo : Ahem... First order!

Gemini : Oh no...

Leo : I order...

Pisces : sighs

Leo : Aquarius...!

Aquarius : ⊙_⊙

Leo : To kiss me!

Aquarius : What?! I'm not doing that!

Taurus : groans Leo. You're abusing your power.

Leo : I am not!

Taurus : How many times do I have to keep telling you. Being overly aggressive isn't gonna always get your way.

Gemini : Taurus is right. And besides, Aquarius doesn't want to kiss you at all...

Leo : Hmm? I'm hinting jealousy?

Taurus : Leo knock it off...

Gemini : blushes Dammit Leo! You arrogant ass! jumps on Leo

Aquarius : Gem come on! This isn't necessary!

Gemini & Leo roll around on the floor

Taurus : Dammit y'all! Calm down!

Capricorn : Taurus I'd move if I were you.

Taurus : Ugh. Why must things always get outta hand when we get together like this?

Gemini : pulls on Leo's arm Why do you always have to be so full of yourself!

Leo : Full of myself?! How about you try being more honest! puts Gemini in a chokehold

Aquarius : Scorpio, Cap! Can you two pull them apart! Please?

Scorpio : sighs Alright I got Gem.

Capricorn : And I'll get pompous ass.

Scorpio & Cap pull them apart

Virgo : You two are fuckin idiots. Fighting like that.

Cancer : Gemini started it.

Virgo : Taking sides Cancer? That's a no no.

Cancer : I-I'm not taking sides! It's just that Gem jumped Leo first.

Gemini : It's not my fault. It's Leo's. pouts

Leo : You're... pants so cunning sometimes.

Gemini : ....

Leo : Always trying to scheme Aquarius away from me. By telling them my bad side. It's annoying. Knock it off.

Aquarius : Gem is that true?

Gemini : Only partially...

Sagittarius : Well I guess we all know now that Aquarius don't like Leo.

Taurus : Where the hell did you come from?

Sagittarius : Oh you know! Drinking with me, myself and I. The usual. You guys got noisy. Noisier than me. I clearly been missing out on some drunken reveals tonight!

Libra : So Leo, now that you know that Aquarius don't like you, will you give up?

Scorpio : Ohhh Leo giving up? That'll be rich.

Virgo : Leo ya feel crushed?

Aquarius : Umm I.. -

Cancer : Virgo be nicer.

Capricorn : Almost a shame. Almost.

Leo : If Aquarius doesn't like me then it's all good.

Taurus : uh oh. That pride of yours got stung?

Aquarius : Hey I never said ...

Pisces : Everyone stop. You're probably upsetting Leo.

Scorpio : wouldn't hurt them.

Pisces : You don't know that. Leo is more sensitive than you think.

Scorpio : You sure act like you know Leo very well...

Pisces : Oh Scorpio don't even.

Libra : Scorpio, I don't know how more obvious your jealousy can be.

Sagittarius : True dat!

Aries : Leo? You alright?

Leo : Yeah yeah. Aquarius it's alright. Don't sweat it...

Aquarius : I never said I don't like you!!

everyone goes silent

Sagittarius : Well there goes your answer...

Leo : Uhh - well... Okay then.

Aries : See Leo! You basically just got confessed to!

Aquarius : I never said that I don't like Leo. Just... Ya know.

Gemini : But I thought you hated Leo's advances.

Pisces : Right. You'd complain all the time.

Aquarius : That wasn't complaining! I just said that I couldn't handle Leo's persistence.

Aries : Well for Leo that's quite the compliment. Right buddy?

Leo : Yeah sure...hey Aquarius? I'm sorry I've been so... Assertive. It's just that I like you so much!

pounces on Aquarius

Gemini : Hey Leo!

Virgo : Ugh. What did Aquarius just say!

Aquarius : Leo! I haven't said yes!

Leo : But you didn't say No either!

Gemini : But Aquarius didn't say Yes either! continues to pry Leo away

Pisces : sighs Leo just doesn't get it yet.

Scorpio : Leo is just...happy. That's how they show it.

Pisces : Look who knows more about Leo now.

Scorpio : smirks

Taurus : Soooo... What now?

Sagittarius : We play more games!

Everyone Else : Hell No!

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(Guess who back back again. NO ONE CARES this story is meant to be comeadical anything directed toward any signs is mean to be funny if you take this literal your life is a joke can i get 19 likes. follow me for the previous two stories MILD PROFANITY)

Aquarius and Sagittarius have arrived at the airport with cancer a Leo
Aquarius: I cant believe i'm doing this
Sagittarius: Relax it'll be fun you had fun last time
Aquarius: Ya we had tax return money last time
Leo: Its time to get on the plane
Cancer: Its gonna be so much fun I'm so exited!!!
Sagittarius: Ya!!!
Aquarius :" Couldn't be anymore exited"
Leo: alright lets go
They all get up to get on the plane but right before Sagittarius gets on Aquarius grabs him by his collar
Aquarius: If you spend more the 1'000 dollars and i have to work overtime again you're dead understand me DEAD
Both Sagittarius and Aquarius sit down in front of Leo and cancer
Aquarius: Sooo Leo hows that pro hockey going for you
Leo:Its actually going really well i just got my Starbucks endorsement going so now i'm making extra money.
Cancer: Ya and i get free Starbucks too
Aquarius: Cancer your pretty lucky you found a guy that has a lot of money unlike some people i know Glares at Sagittarius who has a bag of chips
Aquarius: Snatches the chips from Sagittarius Can you stop eating for five damn minutes.
Sagittarius: But i"m hungry
Aquarius: Your're always hungry
Cancer: OMG i forgot to tell you me and Leo are getting married!!!
Aquarius: That's sooo great I'm happy for you
Cancer: Hopefully you and Saggi can get married
Sagittarius: Tries to change the subject Did you just call me Saggi
Aquarius: No NO NO when are you going to propose to me because to me it looks like your more in a relationship with that chip bag then you are with me
Leo: Uhhh are you guys ok?
Sagittarius: You know i don't have enough money for a ring
Aquarius: Then why the hell are we on this plane right now!!!!
Flight attendant: Can ya'll two shut the fuck up i don't get paid enough to listen to ya'll argue. Once i get this check i'm getting unemployment so shut up and calm down.
Leo:Well that was unexpected
Cancer: Yea it was

drop a like for more stories who should i put in the next story comment bellow

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Hey i'm back with the zodiac stories not that anyone remembers anyway drop a like plz. All stories are meant to be funny nothing you be take seriously WARNING MILD PROFANITY can i get over 50 likes Lol i probably should have made the next one tomorrow or something but whatever check my channel for the first story*

Sagittarius :Where'd they the holding pistol
Aquarius:There gone and i already told you the gun i specifically for emergency's
Sagittarius:This ins't an emergency they broke my Dragon ball Z CD
Aquarius:I'll buy you a new one
Sagittarius: Its not the same i got the one from japan
Aquarius:How about this i'll ca'll cancer since sh'es going on a trip to japan tomorrow i'll see if we can tag along.
Sagittarius: Really!?
Aquarius:*Snatches the gun from Sagittarius* No dumb ass i work customer service and you work the mail office most of our money goes to rent and there is no way i'm gonna let cancer know that we're close to broke right now. It'll hurt both of our pride.
Sagittariuses phone ring at that moment its cancer He answers the phone
Sagittarius: ohh heyyy cancer hows it going
Cancer: Oh nothing much i'm just seing to see if you want to come to japan with me.
Sagittarius:*looks up at Aquarius with a devious smile* Ya we'll be right at the air port tomorrow
Cancer:Sweet alright see you there bye
Sagittarius: Ok bye
Aquarius:*face palms* your such a damn idiot!!
Sagittarius:Its your fault
Aquarius:*Sighs* Dude
Sagittarius: Ya
Aquarius: KIll yourself

Follow me for the next chapter

Gimme some suggestion's for the next one

I missed yesterday, so I'm sorry. Today's was from yesterday so yeah! Here we go I guess.

So, my little brother has a friend of his come over a lot. And when I say alot I mean ALOT. Like everyday, dude. So he came over yesterday, and from the look on his face, I knew he freaking planned something. I srrsly hate this kid by the way, special cause my friends can't come over as much. But this kid is like the kid I want over least. Yes got this annoying grin, that goes with his voice and personality. But basically he brought his cod bo2. Basically it was fun. And then we went into 1v1s. It was me and this kid that went first. Right away I notice this kids screen peeking. I know this cause at the beginning of matches I screen peek myself. He would be walking and then just turn around and meet me. So I litteraly call this kid out. He's saying he's not but we know he is. And he starts freaking raging over how he's screen peeking. And then I start freaking screen peeking as well. I beat this kid still, but when he freaking lost he freaking smashed his hand into my Xbox and said game over. He freaking almost broke the Xbox by pretty much slapping it. He takes his disc out and told me he's never playing anything with me again. I straight up told him that that was totally fine. He freaking stormed out the room, and my brother comes out the room and freaking looks at me and says something about me be stupid. And he chases after this jerk. Idk he puts up with him... But I laughed the rest of the day, and i still am of this kid raging.

And yeah that's it. See you guys tomorrow.

Ok, here's today's story. If you know it 1+ it don't spam comments. And uh, I'd rather you not say where u know it from....

Once upon a Time, there was a boy that went to a school of magic. The teachers were all sorts of creatures and objects. Heck, one was a book. But the boys favorite was a fairy by the name of Andrew Julias. She was his attack magic teacher, so that was another thumbs up. He was also in the accelerated attack class. But, as the year went on, the bo yt? Started to see the man to be, not a fairy, but a dark wizard with a spell to look like a fairy. But since the bow was do advanced, he saw straight through the spell. So, one day he woke up, and was messaged with a messenger owl telling him he was moving schools. The boy was overwhelmed because of how much he hated his black wizard teacher, and how no one believed him. He cried the whole morning. The final day was horrible, the black wizard standing him up in class, and everyone laughing at him. After that he went to this new School, missing his old school because that's where his friends were at. He hasn't made a new friend to this day. Accept for a giant named Jack and a goblin named Jordan. But that's it... he's very lonely and misses his old friends. The end....

I guess I'll tell you. The boy was me, in an alt universe. I'm srrsly sad rhough, going over this story..... well, till next time

~ Hubz

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Please post, it doesn't even have to be a story, it can be a dusscion on a story in the group. So will u post?
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I joined a community named"stories"
After a while I read some stories
soon i got promoted to moderator
And i would like to say thanks Kyle for being mod
**thinks**Hopefully this stories doesn't break the rules....somehow

Here's another story for today. This one is with little Hubs, maybe 8 or 9. Also, I post these stories on Youtube, so if u want you can be there as well. Anyways, let's get started.

Idk what it is with the freaking school by my house, but it was at the same school. So little me likes to go to the school, I still do. We get there, me and my brother, and there was this red freaking yarn. All over the school. It was tangled through trees, past buildings, just... well it was like one of those laser mazes. Me and my brother, being scared we would get in trouble just stayed away from it. So we have fun, just hang out. Then we have to leave. So we start heading out. My brothers already out of this lady's vision, but this freak in lady that comes around the corner, tells me to come over to her. I do, because she was a staff I recognized. At the time I went to this school btw. But she freak in blames me on the yarn, and when I tell her it wasn't me, she freak in says she saw me. Keep in mind I was never near this yarn. So I start rolling It up. When she leaves, and is out of site I get on my bile and dip.

The end. Lol. On my channel I told it slightly differently, the true story. This one I lied at one point. Anyways, hope you enjoyed Rate this story in the comments below

Ok here's today's story. I made it on the top of my head so it might suck.

Once there was a man named Bob. Now bob worked at a little store in his little town in his little state. Bob was a good worker. He followed the rules, worked over time, handed out cookies. But he always had something missing. He could never think of it in his little head, but he knew it was, or wasn't, there. So one day bob thought and thought. Then he knew. He need a family. A wife. So Bob started up his computer and found a dating sight. But he didn't find a lover there. It was the ad that caught his attention. It was a free invitation to a party of six. And all the spots were full but one. AND all the slots were full of hot babes!! He joined immediately.

The next day, he didn't go to work, but instead he went to the party. It was in a far off place in a far of country. But he loved it! He went to the location, although when he got there, there were more then just the babes. There were men dressed in lab coats. Bob didn't question, but when he met the ladies, he almost died then and there. The lab coat men urged them into a room, then closed the door. The party was a breeze, and Bob met his true love, Veronica. She was tall and slim, with bright blonde hair. She smelled like air freshener. Which was weird... But they still fell in love. The problems started at the end of the party. The men in the lab coats wouldn't let us out. We tried our phones but there was no reception. Then, the door finally budged. But just outside there was a giant cockroach, the size of a bus. All the sudden, SPLAT. It was crushed by a very, VERY large shoe. Bob looked up, horror in his eyes. The giant, the man that urged them in the room, loomed above him. He took everyone in his giant hand and put them in a jar with a turantulla. Well, I guess the turantulla likes human....

Wierd story, wierd twist. REALLY wierd twist. Anyways yeah, that's it.
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