So.. of the first cause, something can't come from nothing.. There has to be a causality or reason for a cause to then begin something from nothing. Is this how you guys see your cosmological arguments? And if so canyou elaborate?

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Argument from possibility of a better world

1. If God exists then we live in the best possible world.
2. We do not live in the best possible world.
C. Therefore God does not exist.

To support premise 1, we merely need to assert that by definition God is all powerful and all loving, so God would want us to live in a the best possible world. Suffering and pain are things an all loving God would want to reduce as much as possible given that we have free will.

Whilst this means that God cannot force us to be nice to each other, God still has much scope to convince us to be nice to each other, and reduce the pain and suffering inflicted by "natural/random" events as much as possible as well.

To support premise 2, it is a a bit harder, since the world we live in maybe really bad, but in the long run, all this suffering we experience now, maybe greatly reducing future suffering. However could there be one less toe stub ? One less death ? One less tornado ? It seems likely that this would have little to no overall long term effect, but would reduce the amount of pain and suffering in the world. If you think the world could be even a tiny bit better, then you should believe that God does not exist.

hmm, I am not sure atheists have any decent arguments ? Does anyone know any ?
I can think of one, but it is more a framework for collecting evidence agaisnt various properties of God, and disproving a God with such properties....
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