If I wanna start foraging or looking for edible mushrooms, where in san jose or santa cruz etc is good place to observe some in known locations??

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Come one, come all to the the October almost Halloween and Day of the Dead edition of BAAM's monthly meeting.

Monday, Oct. 24th
My place: 2308 Stuart st, 94705
    A big yellow house
Potluck starts at 7pm
General meeting starts at 8pm

Bonus for bringing any holiday or seasonal theme related foods and crafts or inspirational elements.

I was just looking over recent meeting minutes, and all the progress being made, nice.  We will certainly continue several
of those conversations.

I want to put some itemson the agenda:

1) I believe this will be the last time Max and Claire will be joining us for a while, so I want to give a fond farewell to the two of them, if they are able to come?  

Claire and Max, You joined up with us, and infused all kinds of knowledge, inspiration, ideas, time and physical labor into our group at a time when that made a huge difference, at a time when we were growing past a small group trying to put something together. We now have that something, and so... 

mulch gratitude, we will miss having you two around. Sniff.

2) The MSSF fungi fair is on Dec 4th and now is the perfect time to plan ahead. We have done better every year, and I think we could kind of knock it out of the park this year if we want to, maybe even find funding or launch a Kickstarter in the new year, or...  ?

3) BAAM is presenting for the Merrit Fungi Class this Friday.

And, it turns out, I will be on a panel of local fungi heavyweights, so, I could use some support for that, I need help updating our presentation to include our recent work, and I also want somebody willing to go and present with me, since my depth of knowledge on specifics is not nearly as good as the other panelists (some are PhDs), nor am I as versed as some of you as well. Who's in?

4) FWF BBQ planning of any kind.
We are looking very forward to this wonderkind child of Ken's Labor, thanks Ken!

What else Myco-amigos?

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October General Meeting Poll, please participate at link below:


Hey everyone,

I apologize for the rather short notice, but we've been talking about having the meeting in the middle of December, considering the holidays, so here we go:

BARM General Meeting & Potluck
Monday, December 15th, 2014
7pm to 10pm
eat n greet from 7 till 8
meeting starts at 8
Joe's house
2018 Channing Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

It's a few houses off Shattuck, the house with the blue door on the south side of Channing.

As always, bring whatever you want for drinks and food, and bring your ideas. We have a lot to discuss, also updates on the Fungus Fair. Potentially new faces :) I'm excited to host at my place for the first time!

See you then,

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The last few years members of BARM have been leading the East Bay collecting forays for the MSSF Fungus Fair. Here are some photos from today's adventures.... 
2014 MSSF Fungus Fair Forays
19 Photos - View album

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Come and visit our booth this weekend!
December 6th and 7th

It's set then. BARM monthly meeting at my place this Monday the 24th. It's in the very heart of Berkeley,  2308 stuart st in, just below telegraph and north of ashby.  

We'll convene at 7:00 for potluck and stories back from any rainy foraging. Did anybody go to Mendocino to report back from that as well?

Then formal meeting at eight.  Main topics so far...

presentation materials and power point presentation which are both in motion.  

Bring any materials to share from photos and digital images to websites or posters or whatever..  I hope to meet with the committee beforehand so speak up if interested in joining us, And I'll send out an email to that committee as well.

Steinhardt will also share with us some of her research and report back from peters workshop.

Mushrooms will save time,


BARM meeting will be held at 7 PM on July 7th.

Location: 1271 Hearst Ave. Berkeley, CA.
Near North Berkeley Bart.

Bring something to share and find out what's been happening with BARM.    

BARM meeting

Monday night, May 26th.

7-8 pm potluck and socializing 8-10pm meeting.

2308 Stuart street
Berkeley, CA

Calling all mushroom people, talk about a dry winter!?!  

Not a good year for foraging fungi, but a great year for home cultivation and mycorenewal.  At Bay Area Radical Mycology, this is what we do.

Let me explain a little... Mycorenewal is about applying fungi to help Mother Nature's restorative processes.  

Specifically, Bay Area Radical Mycology is running a pilot program, in cooperation with EBMUD, that uses sacks of mycelium placed in small waterways to act as fungal filters that remove harmful bacteria (giardia, E. coli) from streams.  EBMUD has allowed us to do these test plots in an area where cattle are kept.

Interested in DIY mushroom cultivation and/or mycorenewal??

If so, come on out this Monday, because Bay Area Radical Mycology is having a group workday at our project sight in Orinda.  

This is a very exciting time for Bay Area Radical Mycology. We've got two projects going on with EBMUD. We are continuing last years' mycorenewal projects including mycoforestry to remove fallen trees as well as mycofiltration to remove bacteria at an EBMUD site in Orinda.

Like last year, we hope to get a bunch of people out there to install and inoculate, so if you are interested in mushroom cultivation and/or mycorenewal, this is your chance for a hands on learning experience, or if you are already into fungi, then let's join efforts.

We are looking for 15-20 volunteers this Monday, Jan 20th, for mixing our bunker spawn and inoculating straw.  We will explain the whole process as we all do it together (DIT) and hopefully - for the first time - participants should be able to take home small individual oyster mushroom kits for home cultivation. We will meet at EBMUD Headquarters, 500 San Pablo Dam Road, Orinda at 10 am promptly.

What to bring:

Please bring a lunch, h20, backpack for hauling mycilium, sunscreen, hat, and good shoes.

Extras if you got them: Pitchfork, wheel barrel, gloves.

Those of you who are interested email me off list for the full details and mention if you need or can give a  ride. Bring a friend, the more the merrier! 

For more info about our work, check out the last issue of Edible East Bay, where Jillian Steinberger wrote a wonderful article detailing our efforts. Link below.


And you can also check out this news story about us on KPIX


Hope to see some of you there 'cause

Many hands make light work!
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