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For those of you wondering the meaning of Bootpeers. 

The name Bootpeers is made up by two IT terms which I found particularly interesting in order to describe the process of learning among human beings. 

BOOT (verb): In computing, booting  ( booting up ) is a bootstrapping process that starts operating systems. (Think the human mind as an operating system)

PEERS or peer-to-peer (imagine the following not for computers but for people): denoting or relating to networks in which each computer can act as a server for the others, allowing shared access to files and peripherals without the need for a central server.

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Glad seeing Seth Blogging about group of peers! 

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Hey folks, interested in the connections between lean methodologies and design thinking? You can't miss this!

We'll organise an after-hangout discussion to share our thoughts. 

Stay tuned! 

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Ha ha ha!
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