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The Necromancer

A Necromancer, one of the most powerful and dangerous sorcerers known to the world, has been released into this existence. Deep within his fortress of Der Schattan, he has risen an army of undead warriors, from dwarven warriors to human ranges and elven warlocks, this Necromancer has his goal set: complete dominion of the world through his undead forces. He must be stopped. Any warrior willing to approach his dark fortress is recommended extreme caution and at least one other person.

{{Open event! Please join!}}

Doom Recruitment Pitch

Hey there, is anyone here interested in joining our longstanding freestyle fantasy roleplay game?

I’ve steadily built the world from childhood (particular over the last eight years), so it’s a fairly rich and realised world at this point, with memorable characters. I GM and voice act all the non-player characters. 

There are no dice or statistics (though I carefully track training choices between games, weapon tiers etc), and few fixed rules, so it comes down to GM intuition; to survive and thrive is a matter of player decisions, judgement, boldness at the right moment, and ingenuity. Combat takes place in real time.

Combat takes place in real time or almost real time, innovation and creative thinking are rewarded. Though very different to games like D&D, there are familiar features such as dungeoneering in a vast and sinister underworld labyrinth that lies beneath the upper world.  

There are an essentially limitless number of ‘professions’ and races to choose from, a large pantheon, and mature system of magic. My best friend is a long time enthusiastic player who’d be more than happy to show you the ropes as you go along – every aspect of the ropes. 

We’ve had other players come and go, and at pains of sounding pretentious (which I’m very good at – I’ve not a trace of modesty), the game does require certain traits of the players for it to work; imaginativeness, intelligence, broad-mindedness. 

Also, please no dull, passive people, who say virtually nothing during games and sit there like a wet-potato (this will result in character death), personality required too. And please, no one who can’t cope with the lack of a rule book and fixed structure. 

Enthusiastic engagement will come naturally if you enjoy the game.
The game isn’t for the prim and narrow-minded either – surrealism, comedy, adult-content, ludicrous extremes, stereotypes, coincidences, ‘weirdness’, and comical, absurdly humorous, ‘unrealistic’ charters are all regular features – but then equally is can seamless transition into the very serious, horror, enchantment, and so on. 

There are no fixed playing times, but meeting up about once every three weeks would probably be ideal. The bulk of the things are the in-person games, but we also send some e-mails between games, such as communicating with a character from the world, sending training choices, making shop purchases, or me describing an event that has happened to the character etc (those these are  irregular and don’t take much time or commitment).
A dash of commitment and enthusiasm provide the energy for the game, but we’re very flexible on timing and length of time between games. 

I could talk forever about the world and the wonderful and adventures we’ve had in it, but this message it getting quite long enough, so;

I’ve plenty of material I could send you so you can get the idea, or ask any questions :)

If you’re interesting or want to know more before you decide you’re interested – please contact me or my friend Rowan Macfie on Facebook, Personal e-mail ‘’, and/or my friend, then if you like you can chat to me/us on skype.

Distance could be a problem, we’re located in the South East of England, the travel is worth it, but we’ll consider telepresence.  

Thanks for reading.

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2nd Character:

Name: her real name is Nelissa, but she now goes by Clare.

Age: 38

Gender: female

Height: 5'8" with a very developed build

Race: Human

Class: previously a warrior and occasional assassin, now works as a bartender

Side: previously White Lance. Now is neutral by claim, but still sides with White Lance

Preferred Weapon: knifes

Appearance: very developed and attractive. Long brown hair, worn down casually, but up in fights, hazel eyes, tatoo on right arm, and a scar from her shoulder to elbow on her left arm.

Personality: alcoholic. Selfish, tough, cold, selective with who she likes, skeptic, pessimistic, rude, gossipy, good friend once you get to know her, loyal and caring

Likes: alcohol, attractive men, cigarettes, using her looks to her advantage, tricking people, getting what she wants

Dislikes: hangovers, clingy men, bad beer, war

Bio: at the age of 11, Nelissa was kidnapped and sold for white slavery. When she was 16, a general for the White Lance bought her, and trained her as a warrior. Through the White Lance she was reunited with her younger sister, and also fell in love with the man who bought her (who was 9 years older) and married him. When she was in her mid twenties, though, they both died. She became an alcoholic, ran away from the war, and opened a bar. She now tries to hide from her past.

Special powers: amazing strength and fighting prodigy. No special magic.

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Name: Eilythia (no last name)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3" with average build

Race: Half human half demon

Class: Mage (specializes as an enchanter and elemental fire magic)

Side: White Lance

Preferred weapon: longsword

Appearance: red hair and gold eyes (as in picture) one eyes is pure black (because of demon side) but she keeps it covered with an eye patch or her hair. Often seen in a cloak. When she takes on demonic form appearence changes

Personality: she loves drawing and writing, and hates water. She is quick to anger, and untrusting. Seems cold and dark on the outside, but is acually caring. Thinks with her heart/emotions instead of mind. Rage character. Doesn't trust herself and is scared of hurting people.

Bio: Eilythia's mother was a summoning mage, who illegally specialized in demons. She had one specific familiar, Ares who was a demon of fire and rage, who she fell in love with. She eventually gave birth to his child. Eilythia tries her best to keep her secret hidden, and joins the White Lance to compensate for the darkness she carries within herself.

Special Abilities (if approved): being half demon, Eilythia has a demonic rage mode.

Weaknesses: Because she is not full demon, a splash of water will only burn her, and not kill her. If she is fully emerged, though, she will die. In her demonic mode the tiniest bit is lethal. She also has uncontrollable anger, and emotion. Intense anger and sorrow (or if if her life is in danger) unlocks her demonic abilities. Each time she uses these abilities though, a bit of her soul is taken which will eventually have unknown results (presumably death or worse)

Goals: she wants to rid herself of the darkness inside her, and wants to murder her father

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{{Woo, last character for me. +Devon Byrne Here's a sneak peek of one of the orcs you'll get to deal with.}}

Name: Ooskoo-Cie Vemar, Zealot of the Third Era
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Height: 7'5"
Race: Orc
Class: Paladin (of the Orcish diety Präz)
Side: Neutral, though partial to Vanguards
Appearance: (Photos. Including actual look, as well as a rough look of the armor)

Preferred weapons: Ooskoo uses his Orcish Scimitar, as well as a Heavy Repeating Crossbow

Bio: Ooskoo was born into the Orcish tribe of Ehre. Through many conscious trials and battles, he was made a Zealot, one of the 5 mighty warriors to represent the Eras of the Orcish Tribes. wearing armor to represent the Third Era of Orcs. He wears the title proudly, as he should.

Special Ability: Ooskoo is a master marksman, as the Orcs of the Third Era often were.
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Name: Wen (No last name because he doesn't associate with his parents)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Race: Fairy
Class: Ranger
Side: Vanguard
Preferred Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Appearance: See Photo
Personality: Humorous, Very Sarcastic. Pretty outgoing, a big douchebag.
Bio: Disowned from his parents at 14, he learned to take care of himself. At the age of 16, he fell under the curse of drunkeness. One night out, he was taken in by some Fairies in a guild associated with the Vanguards.
Special Abilities: Has a multi-purpose weapon (bow and arrow, sword, pistol)

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Jaychi: Walking through the forest, her bright eyes taking in the vivid color, she smiles for a bit, as she sets a basket on the floor and starts to pick glossy ripe berries from a bush.

//OPEN to anyone! Preferably fluffy romance that turns into angst, but I don't mind a friendship RP either :3//

Name: Jirog Deathknight
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 7'4 ft
Race: Orc
Class: Mage
Side: Neutral
Bio: Jirog was once known for being one of the most ferocious warriors of the clan Horde. During a battle with the rival clan the alliance over the ownership of the outland. During this battle Jirog was slain.
The scale of this battle drew the attention of the Lich king summoning the dead as hes soldiers. Jirog was chosen as one of his Deathknights and the magic the Lich king used didnt simply bring him back from the dead but bound both body and soul to this world. So after the Lich kings death Jirog with his new found free will is still here and unable to die. When Jirog takes a lethal blow his soul is cast back to his original place of death and is then tasked with the journey of finding his body however far that might be.
Preferred Weapons: A great two handed axe
Special abilities: Dark magic and a low level necromancy being able to summon a single undead at a time.
//pictures will be added when ever im able to get onto wow//

Let's see if this is okay.

Name: Schurke Dieb ( Shur-kuh Deeb) aka Fred
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Side: Thieves Guild, of course. No particular side other than that.

Weapons: Daggers, a hand crossbow, maybe a short sword on occasion.

Appearance: Dark hair, blue eyes, usually wears a cloak, as do all those in the Thieves Guild.

Bio: Learned at an early age how to steal for money and to make his way, he was caught by a Guild member trying to pickpocket him to pay for dinner. He was taken in and accepted in as a rookie rogue, but quickly made his way up the ranks. Now, he is a high ranking assassin, excellent at pick pocketing, and a master of disguise and bluffing.

Special: A couple of coins that were specially made to reappear in his pocket after a couple of minutes.

{{First rp here... Sorry if I mess something up ..... Open to anyone}} I stumble through the woods, avoiding puddles left from the previous rain shower. I need to reach town, but can barely walk due to the burns on my legs from where water soaked through my cloak. I hear something, and tug the hood of my cloak over my left eye
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