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The sacrifice made to sustain the love affair between Ogo and Onuora is soon forgotten when Onuora impregnates a care-free over pampered young lady. Their love is put to the test when Onuora is laced in a tight corner to make the biggest decision of his life
Starring: Chioma Akpotha

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A troublesome girl in the village who tends to terrorise the villagers is eventually sent to school to get better but instead, she continues in her tracks and discourages the other students from learning making everyone come to the conclusion that she would end up in no good till she surprises them all again


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A friend just told me about a guy who keeps hair locks of women and the women leave their names contact and address. Being a Nigerian what do you think about leaving your hair lock somewhere with your details attached to it?? Or what does your Nigerian mom think about it??..

Moments where you go through your social media accounts and see photos that makes you wonder what you were thinking to have uploaded such pictures. And in that moment of panic and shame you can't find the delete button.

What happens when you get hit on by an okada driver in front of an expensive hotel. Especially when waiting for that fine boy to pass. when I usually get hit on by an Okada driver I go through 4 stages:
1. SHAME: what went wrong that made him think we were in the same class, seriously okada driver!!!!?
2.ANGER: He must be very stupid
3.FEAR: Fear that he'll embarrass me for either ignoring him or raising my voice at him. (they usually wait till a fine boy you are eyeing is passing)
4.HUMILITY: I give a little smile and hope he goes by
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