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I'm Zach Canario, Owner of Rivers Edge Designs. I do Web Design and Development. Ranging from basic web sites to web applications and databases. My Goal is to help as many businesses in the Tri-City area to be update to date with there all there Web Site needs!

A little about me....
Technology has always been an enjoyable part of my life. Ever since I first used a computer in elementary school to when I first learned HTML in middle school to building my own computers to today, making Web Sites.

Computers and Programming really grabbed my interest, but Web Design really grabbed the most of my interest. After that small taste of HTML in middle school over the summer break to high school I taught myself as much as I could about Web Design. And in high school when my teacher handed me a PHP book to further that knowledge is when Web Design and Development became a passion. I've had many small projects and ideas, ideas of big projects :), through the years. So I started my own small business doing Web Design and Development. It has been an enjoyable experience!

Of course Technology isn't everything. My faith has kept me positive and with a happy outlook on the future. It's something that takes a top priority in my life, something I enjoy. It's something I like having conversations about and telling others about it. Really a foundation in my life.

Whether it be technology or faith I hope to have an enjoyable time meeting new people!
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