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Fullan's Right and Wrong Drivers for Reform Revisted. Focusing Leadership Action for Results.

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Check out AASA's powerful, research-based, multiple factors for Redefining College and Career Ready. This is a keynote that your superintendent is hearing now if he/she is attending the WASDA Fall Convention today in Madison.

I will be writing an upcoming AWSA Update newsletter article on this, so stay tuned, but here is the what we are learning that will help more students/parents dream big AND then make those dreams come true. #high-impact leadership

Heads-up to All District-Level Learning Leaders:

The Educator Effectiveness (EE) leaders within DPI are on the cusp of releasing Principal Evaluation Training modules, which will include a variety of resources, including simulations, that district leaders can use in developing their school leaders and enhancing the feedback, coaching, and supervision of their principals. Although a specific release date has not yet been set, I expect you to have these new materials in your hands in the very near future, perhaps within the next week or so.

There has been a preponderance of resources aimed at the development and support of teachers within EE over the past few years. I am very thankful that these resources to assist principals in their own development as effective educators and principal supervisors in their high-quality support of principal impact will soon be in hand. Stay tuned!
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