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This is Moreway Group Taiwan.
Brief Introduction. 
Unique and Natural Products Supplier.
We were the pioneers of Natural and Unique Products business which was started in 1995.
We also supplied these Crystal salt lamps to the Eastern Medicine Practitioners, who used this magical Crystal salt to formulate herbal medicines. Due to their untiring efforts, in only a short period of time, Crystal salt was in demand in the local market. This compelled them to buy another shop to use it as a warehouse to keep Crystal salt lamps in stock in order to meet the demands of customers in time.
The MoreWay was credited for supplying fine quality MoreWay salt lamp, Bath salt, Gourmet salt in the local market. Meanwhile MoreWay started the manufacturing salt bars and massage stones.

Introduced natural shaped Crystal salt lamps and supplied them in the local market. 
These MoreWay salt lamps gained tremendous popularity, more than any of the MoreWay salt product.
 This was so, because of the highly beneficial effects of MoreWay Crystal salt lamps.

We at salt Lamps are the largest manufacturers & exporters of 100% natural MoreWay salt items.
 We deal in export of a wide range of salt products in various sizes and shapes including natural and machine crafted salt lamps, candle/tea-light holders, deodorant/cleansing bars, massage stones, salt chunks, bath crystals and gourmet salt (in granular and powdered form). We also process special orders for salt sculptures, symbols and signs. Today,
We are exporting our MoreWay salt products in more than 16 countries all around the world. our big market Taiwan
We try to be flexible and adjust to our client's needs; we deal with importers, wholesale buyers and retailers. Our salt lamps are made of 100% natural salt crystal rocks formed more than 250 million years ago. Each salt crystal lamp, unique in terms of colors and shape, provides a comfortable atmosphere and a sense of well being, thanks to the double action of its colors and ionizing effects. Guaranteed MoreWay Crystal Salty Lam 100% pure and 
Very careful when you buy salt crystal lamp and salt products.
MoreWay Crystal Salt we digging from highest Himalayan heart of the mountains. We do not sale dead energy salt crystal, that kind of salt crystal, who just easy to take out from the land nearby mountain.
What is dead energy salt crystal?
Dead energy salt crystal mean, that kind of salt crystal who melts from the highest mountain because of scorching sun and raining then after 0--20 temperature frozen on the earth, that is we called melts dead energy salt crystal is easy to take out by machine without any hard work and sale very low prices in the market, but that is very lowest quality of salt crystal, that we called dead energy salt crystal, this kind of salt absolutely doesn’t workable.
Be careful if you wish to buy salt crystal product must see our register trade mark Logo MoreWay. Because of our good quality and energy products our prices little bit high then other, but is best quality of  real Salt Crystal Who Digging Form the heart Himalayan  highest Mountain using by hand tools and to bring to the own factory for complete further process after very hard work.
Our mission to save world and make pollution free World. We wish everybody have Good Health, only pollution free good environment only MoreWay salt crystal lamps provide you healthy fresh air.

Enjoy your life with MoreWay Himalayan Salt crystal Lamp and salt products Everywhere you need Salt crystal Lamp
Our Quality Policy
At we are dedicated to providing world class quality products and services to our customers to make them satisfied customers of our Company. We will work to continually improve all of our products and services through total associate involvement, All associates are committed to developing and strengthening partnerships with our internal and external customers and suppliers We will continue to provide innovative high quality products and services to enhance our customers long-term growth by understanding and surpassing their requirements and anticipating their future needs.
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Our Email addresses moreway
Telephone number: 02 8789 4182 .Mobile numbers 0975177792. Again. 0975177792.
Web address. .
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We are waiting for your phone call.
Thank you very much for your time.
Yours Truly.
K. A. Charlie.
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