[] Open but need a American as well.[]

I sat in a bar while on leave in London drinking a cup of whisky. I look to my left and see a American solider and group of other Allied soldiers walking up to me. I see a folder in the hand of the American solider.
Can I help you, son?

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Name: Thomas Gabriel Bishop
Nickname: Rusty
Date of birth: June 16, 1918
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Skin tone: Pale White
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican, German
Faction: United States Military
Military Company, Division or Corp ETC: 101st Airborne Division
Campaign: Euorpean
Rank: Lieutenant First Class
Weapons: M1 Carbine and a M1 Military Bayonet Knife
Equipment: Picture
Biography: WIP
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Name "Lily" or aka "kim sihyon"
Date of Birth 2/11/1916
Age 23
Gender Female
Skin Tone white
Eye Colour brown
Hair Colour Blond
Place of Birth America
Race American
Faction 213rd Airborne Battalion
Rank lieutenant
Weapon M1 Carbine
Bio will be made in the war...

Don't have a good photo so.... This shall do for now.

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Name: Franklin "Frank" John Rock

Gender: Male

Hair: Blond

Eyes: BLue

Rank: Sargent

Faction: United States of America

Army: U.S. Army

Company: E (Easy) Company,

Unit: 141st

Battalion: 2nd

Weapons: Thompson Submachine Gun, Mk 2 grenade, Mark I trench knife, M1911 pistol, and extra ammo for a M2 Browning Machine Gun

Nationality: American

Skills: Marksmen, pitcher (great at throwing grenades), good leader, street fighter (Good at CQC)

Bio: Born and raised in the states. Rock decided to join the U.S. Army at a older age then most other's to help fight the Nazi's. He joined up with E Company or also know as Easy Company.

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Skin tone:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Place of birth:
Military Company:
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