Anyone wanna rp digimon fusion

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Name: Karter
Age: 12
Gender: male
ο»Ώpersonality: secretive but but kind
Partner: lunamon
Digivice color: cyan ο»Ώ
Bio: I was playing on my computer when suddenly lunamon came out of it. I never noticed it but after that I found a cyan digivice in my bag. I didn't know what it was but I got a message on my computer saying I was chosen to save the digital world but I had no idea how to get there or what it was.
ignore the lopmon and snow Agumon pictures from now on ο»Ώ
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Hello? Is this community active?

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Mastemon the second of Shioris partners calm and wise she is like a mother to Shiori and often has to be the voice of reason to her hot headed sister Bellestarmon

She usually is not prone to revenge but she has a score to settle with Lucemon

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One Shioris digimon she's hot headed and is secretly ploting to teach Beelzemon a lesson in manners one day

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name: nomimon
looks: pic
tipe : holy virus
evo line: black puttimon , nomimon, metal renamon, flame kubimon, lady lucemon (child mode), lady lucemon (rise mode), lady lucemon (sant mode)
personality: curious, outgoing brave and happy
info:nomimon the bow and arrow digimon don't let its small size and cuteness Β fool you it packs a punch with its burning arrow attack and devil smack it can stand its ground in the toughest of fights

Name- Shiori Kurisaki

Age- 16

Digimon Partners- Mastemon and Bellestarmon

Apperence- Tall for her age she has very tan skin almost orange in color, her eyes are a dark gold in color with natrual black lines that almost look like make up, her hair is a dark red that seems to glow in the light almost as if it has powers. She wears a black sleeveless top with a white trench coat, she wears dark blue pants and dark brown boots, she wears a diadem with a blue jewel on her head, golden bangles around her wrist and a silver necklace with a strange symbol on

Life- Shiori was an outcast the minute she was born, for she was a strange looking girl to begin with but when she one day supposedly summoned two monsters from her computer she and her mother were shunned by their fellow humans. They lived in a small town that was more rural only very few had computers as they prefered the older ways. Shiori always was strange in a way, she always wanted to learn more about the outside world and technology facinated her, but what was the reason of her family's shunning was what she was. She was half monster as what they called it, her mother called them digimon her father was one so Shiori while remaining human in apperence had many strange traits to her such as her eyes and hair. Only having her mother she learned to acept that fact and lived her life with her mother away from anyone else. But one day a strange darkness appeared not long after the two strange monsters were summoned by Shiori. The towns people blamed the young teen for the darkness as unknown to them was the start of a digital prophecy. Not wanting to hurt anyone Shiori ran away from her home, to shorten in smaller words she always went from place to place her partners helping her. Eventually they ended up in Japan were she learned she wasn't the only one qith digimon and yet she was the only one who was half. She always watches from afar to scared to aproached those with digimon but maybe someone can regain her trust in humans maybe all she really needs is a friend.

Personity- Shiori is shy, quiet, some times cold and very intelligent, she usually keeps to herself and her digimon. Because of her childhood she doesn't trust others easily and finds friendship a lie. She belives the only one you can trust is you self because one day everyone will turn on you. She never runs from danger as all her life she's just run, she cares about her mother and always worries about her. She loves her father not holding any ill will towards him, she knows he must have been a good man if her mother loved him. She never met him but many digimon seem to know who he is by just sensing her powers that lie inside her dormant body. She says friendship is a lie but at the same time she trust her partners more than anyone, they were the only ones who stuck by her besides her mother.

Mastemon- She is usually the voice of reason and a motherly figure towards Shiori, she also has her powers of dimensional and time that she offten uses to gaze when her sister and Shiori aren't looking into other worlds. She wise and often is the one who keeps her sister in check since the latter Bellestarmon is the violent one of the two. She protects Shiori and her sister fiercely not caring if she dies as she views them as family. When she was forced to abandon Shiori for her own safety her heart nearly deleted her from the agony and no sadness she felt but some words from her sister helped her recover and her calm dementor broke only that once when she returned to Shiori promising to never again let go of her adopted human sister. She often wonders but never mentions it around her sister why she has an irrational fear of curry, maybe it was the spice?

Bellestarmon- if theirs an enemy in the way she's blast it, if theirs an obstacle she'll knock it down, it theirs a plate of curry in front of her someone call the digital police she's on a rampage. Bellestarmon is the complete and total opposite of her sister, she belive the awnser to everything is blasting it and is very short tempered. She and her sister are both equally beautiful but Bellestarmon has no trouble fluanting it to get what she wants from males. She has a saying in life
'Theirs no sense in worrying about getting trouble when everyone already knows you are trouble'
She offten tries to help Shiori toughen up to see that just because others may ostergise her she shouldn't let them push her around. She may be blunt, hot headed and down right perverted and Stuborn but she cares about Shiori as much as her sister does. She and mastemon may not see eye to eye many times but their sisterly bond is what keeps them together, she has shown a kind and secret caring side when she stopped her sister from deleting herself when they were forced apart from her. When they reunited she gave Shiori her signature head locks of love. But seriously she has an irrational fear of curry.

The two can fuse with Shiori to create a new form a sort of fusion bio- Merge consider her half digimon heratige

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Name: Kibi Coco
Age : 14
Gender: Female
Type of Digidestined: 1
digivice: adventure
Digimon: phascomon
crest : knowledge
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Is there any storyline to this rp?

((When I wrote "hentai allowed".... I meant LIGHT hentai.... Nothing intense.))
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