Q: How can I access my old ProFolio from Version 1?

A: You can access the old version of ProFolio at www.yourprofolio.com/v1/YourUserName

Q: Can I change the look and feel of my ProFolio website?

A: Yes! On your account page, you can choose from a selection of professional unique themes/templates designed by founder Zach Krasner. Use the "Theme Chooser" to select the ProFolio look that you like.

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Sneak peak of a new ProFolio theme

Q: How do I manage and organize the work in my portfolio?

A: Click on "My Account" and "Organize Portfolio". From there, you will see a list of the categories in your portfolio along with the pieces in each category. Simply drag and drop pieces within or across categories to rearrange the order. To reorder the categories, you can drag and drop them as well in the lefthand sidebar (You can always refresh the page if you ever feel like your changes aren't working and it will show the latest updates to your portfolio)

Q: How do I Add/Upload new work to my portfolio?

A: Click on "My Account", then "Add New Work" to get to the Upload page. From there, it's easy—simple press the "Add Files" button or just drag and drop files easily from your computer onto the page. Once you've selected your files, press "Start Upload". You can then organize your work into different categories, change information and descriptions for each piece, and effortlessly manage your work on the Organize page. 

Q: How do I add, remove, and manage the categories of my portfolio?

A: Click "My Account" and "Organize Portfolio" to get to the Organize page. From there, on the lefthand side, you can drag and drop to rearrange the order of your categories. To add, edit, or delete categories, click on "Edit" near where it says "Your Categories". It will show your categories and let you rename them, delete them, or add a new category.

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The new ProFolio is on the way. Artists—get excited about a beautiful way to show off your work with simple and powerful ways to organize your work so you spend less time worrying about your website, and more time creating.
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