Can i start a wiki tutorial session for my students.....
pls give me some suggestions

Is there any way to approve our account request faster than usual
i am a wikibuddy and am started some online session about wikieducator to my friends through skype , Can i start a official wiki workshop

hi everyone

How much time will take to get a password from wiki after registration

I would like to conduct a wiki seminar in Kerela. so am requesting you to help me to organize the program , i hope you will come forward ............

Hi Everyone...

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Academic Writing with a Purpose via Action Research Projects (ARP) free online course starting February 1 - July 31, 2015.

All of the WikiEducator and WikiResearcher wikis will be updated to Mediawiki 1.23.+ starting at 0001 UTC, Sunday 31Aug. The new version includes several exciting new features, including a much improved VisualEditor and streamlined Javascript resources.

The wikis will still be available for reading during the upgrade, but it will be impossible to edit the wikis for several hours.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I've built a clickable imagemap of the countries/regions where the #eMundus  project is tracking Open Education developments.

(uses the Widget:Imagemap tool)

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The AddToTable widget allows users that may not be comfortable with wiki syntax to add a row of "data" to an existing table on a wiki page. It creates a button that pops up a form with entry fields for the various columns of the table. It has an auto mode where it uses the column headings as the form field labels, but it also allows the original table author to specify a variety of form elements including user, name, date, timestamp, country, selection of specified options, and radio buttons for selection of a small number of options. When the user populates the form and clicks Submit a new row is added to the table (either at the top or bottom of the table as desired).

Hopefully this makes it easy to collect tables of data in WikiEducator.
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