I saw that the mission day attended count has been pushed to all agents, except, not to me!

Who do I need to contact in order to receive a +1 to my mission day's attended?

Bis jetzt habe ich die Medaille für die Teilnahme am Mission Day noch nicht erhalten. Niantic selbst kann nicht helfen. Dauert es tatsächlich noch ein wenig oder ist bei mir etwas schief gelaufen?

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Some great portal pictures I found in Bonn at our great Mission Day.

Almost too beautiful to recycle them. But itemcap comes fast and the green portals in my homezone are greedy XM-Monsters :-)

What was your favourite portal picture?
I'm really into #Ingress portal photography. While walking around you see a lot of portals with awfully bad pictures taken at night or with unpleasant lightning conditions.

But on the other hand there are the jewels. Pictures by agents who were at the right time at the right spot to take a really great picture of the portal. After the Mission Day in Bonn (Germany) I had some of these extraordinary portal keys in my inventory. Here are 5 special ones that I want to share with you.

Agents +Les von Pern , +Mearcart and +Valentin Brückel: great job and thank you!

Do you like them? What is your favourite portal picture?

#mdbonn #wheredidingresstakeyoutoday #portalphotography #photography #ingressyear6 #missionday #ingressmissionday
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Share your impressions:
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MD Bonn Group Picture

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Some impressions of our Mission Day in Bonn, Germany.

Pictures of agents:

Pictures of the landscape:

It was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next events.
The #IngressMissionDay in Bonn was awesome. We had lovely sunny spring weather. More than 1.200 agents strolled through the former capital of Germany. I took some pictures of the great places, the awesome agents and some portals too. This is just a short video clip. More pictures will follow soon.

I had two very special moments.

The first was at the mission Regierungsviertel. When I visited the portals in the former government district I remembered my first visit to Bonn. In 1994 I came to the city as a part of a delegation of young people who took part in a legislative simulation (Jugend im Parlament). It was very impressive and intimidating to stand at the speakers desk of the real parliament and to present the results of a simulated committee. This feeling came up again when I stood in front of the building which is now a part of the World Conference Center and the +United Nations Climate Council. It's a lot easier to address the world by social media than in person.

The second special moment was when I met a friend of mine by chance at the World HQ of +Deutsche Post (Posttower). Neither one of us knew that the other one would be in Bonn this day. She spontaniously accompanied me at the mission "Bismarkturm". So I luckily got some "making of" pictures of my near water surface pictures at a lovely pond in the Rheinaue park. I still wasn't successful to recruit her to Ingress. And that's a pity since she commutes between Norway and Germany and would be great for some BAF key transports. Well, if not today, maybe tomorrow... ;-)

#WhereIngresstookmetoday #MDBonn #Ingress +Lizzy N. +Anne Beuttenmüller +Ingress

Thank you Ingress for this experience and special thanks go to the local XF-organization team which took care of everything so so well.
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