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BDE Management Resources offers :

For further information and proposal inquiry, kindly contact:

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Dear CEO, FD, MD or Diesel Buyer,

We can offer you diesel 500 ppm @ grid less R1.00 pick up at fuel depot for minimum purchases of Million Litres of 500 PPM diesel

Major buyers only usually get grid less 85 cents for purchases of over 1 Million Litres of 500 PPM diesel.

Durban: R11.36 pickup at fuel depot.
Johannesburg: R11.77 pickup at fuel depot.

1 Million Litres Minimum Order

For orders less than 1 million litres is grid less 95 - 90 cents.

Payment terms: Bank to bank transaction. Bank to Bank payment buyer to owner directly only after product loaded in buyer trucks at fuel depot and buyer satisfied with product and quantity litres product on daily/weekly basis.

Please send OTP stipulating in writing your monthly volume procurement required and acceptance of our offered price.


Mark Waite
Skype: good2breal
Mobile, WhatsApp & Viber: +27 81 271 4228

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We can do a successful transaction if the following procedures below are fully acceptable to the buyer.

1) We offer you / buyer a price depending on your monthly volume requirement.
2) Buyer issues LOI / OTP stipulating his minimum monthly volume and confirms our offered price acceptable to transact.
3) We issue official SDK - SPA (12Mths) direct to buyer.
4) Buyer duly signs SPA and returns with official ICPO doc and weekly/monthly upliftment schedules.
5) Payment bank to bank - daily / weekly funds released to SDK after product have been uplifted at fuel depot by buyer.
Number 5 money goes in Gpay. 

Gpay is used for Bulk Fuel Financing where G-PAY offers access to bank guarantees and trade finance, providing credit for the procurement of petroleum products.

We have 15 Million litres of Illuminating Paraffin immediately available for sale @ R6.74 (ZAR) per litre for minimum 1 Million litres bulk orders in South Africa, pick up at refinery in Cape Town, Durban, East London & Port Elizabeth.

@ R7.32 per litre for Gauteng, pick up at refinery.

Discount Price: Grid less 60c for minimum orders of 1 million litres  per month.

Orders: Minimum quantity 1 million litres per month. 
Maximum quantity 15 million litres per month. 

Fully compliant to Sasol specifications.

Illuminating Paraffin WHOLESALE PRICES IN THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA September, 2017...

We are looking for credible buyers that have verifiable financial capability, are RWA and can purchase a minimum of 1 million litres per month.

We will issue SPA and firm allocation same time for immediate pick up.
Term x 12 months supply contract with monthly +/- adjustment.

Payment terms: Bank to bank transaction.

Please send OTP stipulating in writing your monthly volume paraffin procurement required and acceptance of our offered price September'17 of grid price @ R6.74 pick up Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth or @ R7.32 for Gauteng.

I look forward to your response.


Mark Waite
Skype: good2breal
Mobile: +27 81 271 4228

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Leaders in e-recruitment.

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One of my favourite Neil Young songs

Airtime Business - 086 1778800

Sell bulk discounted prepaid airtime and data for yourself, your business and for people you know – recharge their accounts and make money in the process. You will be able to sell all the major networks. The benefits: discounted airtime and reliable vouchers that are available 24/7/365. Prepaid airtime that are free from contracts and free from monthly targets.

For more information please contact 086 1778800
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