Hi again to all. I thought I was already a member of this list, but G+ did not seem to think so, so I joined again.

Anyone have any comments on the more recent offerings of 6310, e.g., Spring and Summer 2015 or so far in Spring 2016? Thanks.

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Fantastic GATech Stats! See latest article from Campus and Community!

Georgia Tech’s female population hit an all-time high in 2015 with an incoming class of 42 percent women. One area of campus that has noticed that increase is the Greek community.

I mentioned this on HipChat but I'm dropping out of the program.  I work in IT (Cyber Security) and got a new job last October focusing on cloud security.   As a result, I dropped my class last semester due to lack of interest in the class and need to focus on my new job.  The situation hasn't much changed.  I'm looking at obtaining both AWS and Microsoft Azure certifications, becoming competent with things like PowerShell, Docker, Puppet, Chef, and a host of other cloud related items.  I also was recently asked to be a lead for my group based on my past experience and my performance in the group so far.    All this means a lot of work and self study.  

I was in AI and although I thought I could motivate myself through the class because I love AI and Python, I found myself doing the very minimum and realized that although I was still doing well (got a 97 on first assignment), that isn't how I should look at a class.    I started the program due to boredom in my job and a desire to learn but I'm learning a lot in my new role and the program was the least of my priorities.  I will keep it in mind in the future and may re-apply in a year or 2.  

I also plan to be at Grace Hopper in October so I hope to see you guys there.  

I am in a tough situation. I have a job that has been in a company that underwent a merger. I have been trying to do a good job and especially so recently with new demands at the expense of my study time hoping that it was temporary and I could get caught up. Has anyone been in a situation where your job is probably at threat from a company merger? In the fall, I joined a company when I started OMSCS that was purchased by another company. I had a supervisor that was recently moved one one from the parent company over me now. I had a performance review that was excellent one month ago with my old boss. Today, I had to get a performance review plan from the new boss that basically said the opposite and now I am worried I am going to lose my job in 30 days. I didn't get sufficient training for one of my job functions because the person training me retired 45 days in and that area is what the new boss is citing as a problem. I know in mergers, it is notorious that parent companies try to "clean house" and often set someone up to fail when they intend to use one of their own people. I have been putting in 60 hours a week for my job trying to improve over the last month and today I was given the performance improvement plan.

I barely have time to study now from trying to work on my job. I have a test this weekend that I haven't been able to study for trying to meet all these new requirements and deadlines. I can't drop this class or I can't stay in OMSCS. I have no idea what to do at this point since I have been bending over backwards to do my job, but now have to worry about losing my job and my place in the OMSCS program. I am trying to stay positive in that they gave me "corrective steps" (that I honestly feel are rubbish) and that the steps are them trying to keep me, but my gut feeling isn't saying the same.

Any advice I can do? This just sucks since I just got out of debt having a job that was my first "real" nice job and am worried I am losing my job, school, and more potentially.

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mashbusiness: These are the 10 best cities for women who work in tech. Only one is in California. https://t.co/vzylNfjAyN

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Has anyone followed the whole MetaFilter thread on emotional labor?

Has anyone been in any group projects or similar where you felt like you had to contribute this sort of effort, or the whole thing would fall apart?

I think I do this (sort of) if I answer Piazza questions. So for one, I don't have to go out of my way to answer questions, but also, I spent time concocting really well-thought out answers if I can, to ensure that the other person feels like their question has been heard and understood.

Just curious what everyone's thoughts were :)

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Champagnie: .@sethjuarez interviews programming MVP @IrisClasson#womenintech (via @Ch9) https://t.co/L01ArPNVqd https://t.co/7lgCXRWrng
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