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I am Rainbow Danger Dash

I don't know the age most probably 13
The mist awsome pony of all (DUH)
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Name - Astrid Hofferson
Age - 20
Gender - Female
Marital status - Engaged
Fandom - Dragon Trainer
Other Fandoms - The Hunger Games (District: 2) Harry Potter (Houser - Gryffindor) Percy Jackson (Demigod daughter of Zeus - Camp Half-Blood)

Ps: Thank you Amber
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Hello everyone the reaping for The Hunger Games will be soon so if you want to be in put your nams in the comments (don't worry you will be restricted if you die)

Name: Sky Notes
Main Fandom: Mlp

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Get ready

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Name: Toothless
Species: Night fury
Age: 2 years old
Fandom: How to train your dragon

If you wanna know how i typed this +Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III helped me 😁

Grrrrrrrrrrrr smiling
(Can I be toothless to +So New And Now)

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Name: Cynthia Potter
Age: 13
Personality: Mysterious, Nice, Intelligent,Brave, Mean(sometimes) and Curious
Main Fandom: Harry Potter
Other Fandoms: My Little Pony, Frozen
Family: Harry (father) Ginny (mom)
Bio: First year at Hogwarts.People are expecting me to be great as my father. I have magic that can not be control.I hope Hogwarts can help me.I have a pet dog named Chewey.My skills are drawing, photo editing, singing, and math

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The Houses of Hogwarts
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