I walk as an erie presence in the deserted halls stalking silently as if afraid to wake a ghost... A ghost of the past. I punch the rusty wall in anger and listen to it reverberate throughout the compound. It seems as if years had gone by since I was here last. I take out small cylinders and place them on the walls. goodbye. sets a timer to 24 hours to clear the blast zone. After they are set I walk out to the master which is sitting in a clearing. The master starts to lift once I step onto the deck I stalk into the ship. Not looking back. Not saying a word. As if. As if I were holding a silent vigil. For the opportunities tossed away. The friends. Gone. None of that matters to this one being. I had seen so much fear. But not on this scale. The humans and their fear. Fear of the unknown. They were afraid the biometal was too powerful. Afraid my kind were too powerful. My friends had shunned me. A few remained. Although... I miss one in particular. She was golden lilac of light. Simply fallen off the face of the earth which still bewilders even I. I look towards the sunrise I look forward. To a new beginning. I have made friends along the way. I hope someday they grow up. Humans going out of their comfort zone to explore the unknown. I smile a little bit remembering mael and scout. My most proficient students... My last words as I enter the ship are... forward into a new dawn!

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I found this orange crystal in the ocean. Could this be useful to the Biometal? Shows crystal

You may have heard the news. Biometal is now considered contraband. I am terribly sorry to say but I am taking all the biometal back and shutting down the training camp.

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+Gleaming Dawn staggers in here... my... cough research papers. you open folder and it shows how to grow biometal, it's different properties, it's abilities. I cannot stay here. I will die if I do. I will keep a channel open to share my further research with you,

gets Machamps to move the Biometal to the sea we won't be needing these anymore

Secretly trains with "Speed Series"
Show me what you can do, Roton.

Scout sits in his lab... Looking at a small amount of Bio Metal that is not connected to him...

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Name: Paul Sorchoren
Age: 15
Bio: I am a water type trainer who is peaceful. I am calm and a friend to all.
Pokemon: Blastoise, Feraligatr, Swampert, Empoleon, Samurott, Greninja
Weapons: None 
Allegiance: Team Galactic, Team Plasma, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Rocket, Team Flare, Team Theta, Team Aquarius
Friends: +brian darche +Cam Mitchell +Spy Jon Sachurun +kombat subzero +Lizzie Loomis +Zekrom . +Sir Gengar The First  
Communities: Reshiram, Team Aquarius, Eevee Fan Club
Likes: Pokemon, water, food, swimming, Reshiram
Dislikes: Fighting 

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+brian darche I request Biometalic componds to create a subspace traveller
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