Hi all! Hoping that you can help me out with this one. I have a district in IN who loves what we are doing at Hapara, but uses Schoology as well. He would like to reach out to a couple of districts who are using both successfully and ask a couple of questions. Would any of you be willing to assist with this? Thanks so much and Happy Holidays to you all!

Is there a way that I can lock students out of certain websites like Tetris, miniclip, and addictingGames which are gaming websites?
How is this done?

Hello everyone! I have a strange question and hopefully I can explain it.... I have a teacher who has renamed her classes (because if she doesn't they show up with a crazy set of numbers in our county), BUT when she goes to create her workspace the name of her classes show up with the crazy set of numbers. But it isn't all of her classes. Her civics classes showed up with what we named them, but her English classes showed up with the crazy number. Any ideas?

If I'm the primary teacher for a class, and I go to click on a document in one of my student's folders and it's saying I need permission to access the document, what might be the issue?

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Whats going on?

My students were not able to see the last two cards on their workspace. How can I fix this problem?

I have a student who has been assigned a Workspace but now cannot see any of his work. He can see the groups that he has been assigned, but no cards show up or anything. Any ideas?

URGENT - I gave my students a test this morning through Hapara Focus Browsing. I released each student as soon as the test was over. A student from another class, not from any of my three classes, came to see me with his laptop which has a copy of my test and frozen screen, unable to get out of the test and open another tab. I checked my class, his name does not appear amongst my students, and I ensured I had no focus browsing that was active. This is very bizarre and has never happened. Can anyone help?

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If one of your goals this year was to get Hapara certified then now is the time to apply! Our last cadre for 2018 begins on November 26, but you need to get your application submitted by November 12. We know this can be a crazy busy time of year so we will make the course even more fun and enjoyable than it already is! Round up some of your co-workers and do this together! Don't put it off any longer! https://hapara.com/get-certified/

Hi, I'm having trouble getting focus browsing to work because of this thing called "Titanium Network". What is that?
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