Can anyone help with the following - When sharing a sheet and slides with a group, permissions remain for a short while and then some of the students are locked out. Does anyone have a solution for maintaining permissions ?

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Don't miss our webinar with Louise Johnston next week on setting up Professional Learning Communities!

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Hapara and Google Classroom are now even more integrated. If you'd like to learn how to use these platforms together, check out our latest blog post!

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Help Hapara with Highlights - Focused Browsing

Hello everybody.
We're currently reviewing Focused Browsing to better understand how teachers are using it. You could really help Hapara by answering some questions and testing out a prototype of a new function. This will take the form of a 30 minute video call with one of our team.

If you would like to help out follow the link below to Calendly to find a time that works for you. Please note: if the link takes you to a page that reads: “URL is invalid” it means that we’ve stopped booking calls and we would like it to read: “thank you, we have all the help we need!”


The Hapara UX Team

Does anyone know if there is a way of exporting grades from Hapara ? (Similar to Classroom where you can export the grades to a google sheet)

I am attempting to load student data manually and I keep getting an error message that the google spreadsheet URLcannot be identified -"no spreadsheet found" . The google sheet has been validated, any ideas for a resolution?

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Hello fellow Google Users,
I am having an issue with several of my student drives (6 out of 210) not having a folder or 2.
Nearly all students have recieved hapara dashboard folders but just 1 or 2 missing in 6 kids....
Any simple fixes?
I have re manual uploaded but no change.

Hello everyone.
Is anyone using the New Google Sites in Dashboard? I saw that you can't make a template for your class like you could on the Old Google Sites. - But would a New Google Site be view-able through the Dashboard - since it would be created through a student GAFE account? I was testing it out and can't seem to see student sites on my dashboard. 
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