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Jobs: (prefect, quidditch position, ask permission first)
Quote: (non-compulsory)
House Suggestions:

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Hell was walking towards Weasley's Wizard Wheezes when she tripped and fell into you.

Name: Fletcher McCathy
Year: 3rd
Jobs: (prefect, quidditch position, ask permission first) Slytherin seeker
Talents: Pickpocketing, Pranking. He has a keen eye.
Looks: short-ish curly brown hair, blue eyes. Small strongly bridged nose. Big mouth.
Quote: (non-compulsory): 'Finders keepers'
'There's no U in awesome but there is a ME'
'I put the fun into no refunds'
Bio: He's very smart but doesn't always use that for good. He likes making slippery deals and tricking people. He grew up loving Shakespeare and John Webster. He is Hell Draftblue's cousin on her mums side.

He was born in Ireland his dad was a pick pocket and magician so taught his son the tricks of the trade both his dad and mum had magic. His mum ran away after a big fight with her sister and ended up in Ireland where she met Fletchers dad. Fletcher grew up a little short on money but that didn't effect him much.
House Suggestions: Slytherin

Name: Alexia Foxx
Year: 4
Jobs: Ravenclaw House Seeker
Talents: Charms, Transfiguration, Astronomy
Personality: Kind of secluded, but once you get to know her, she's actually really fun and quirky and adventurous
Patronus: Horse
Animagus: Can shift into a wolf
Looks: Long, straight red hair, emerald green eyes, usually wearing combat boots
Wand: Ebony wood, unicorn hair core, 10", unyielding flexibility
Quote: "I like pie, but I also like Pi. Therefore, I love Pi pies. Yeah; I'm weird."
Bio: Comes from a wizarding family, has two older brothers (Ravenclaws), both currently working in the Ministry of Magic
House Suggestions: Ravenclaw

Sorry guys, I need to update my character.

Quote: sure, that's what they all say.
Name: Rochelle Tooele
Year: 5th year
Jobs: Prefect
Talents: Potions, Charms
House: Ravenclaw
Looks: Purple eyes, long straight purple and blue hair, tall. Her hair is always pulled back into a ponytail.
Bio: Rochelle is a half-blood from Ireland. Her parents thought she was a squib until she got her letter. She excels at potions and charms.
Wand: 14.5 inches, Phoenix feather core, holly wood.
Patronus: She can perform a patronus which takes the shape of a fox.
Animagus: Fox.

(Sorry that I had to edit this. I just realised that she couldn't be a prefect in her 4th year. Sorry!)

[Location Hallway]
[21st December 1:00pm]
Hell walked through the hallways busy pretending she doesn't exist.

Name: Helena Penelope Draftblue (Helen for short, sometimes called Hell)
Year: 4th year
Jobs: (prefect, quidditch position, ask permission first)
Talents: Dark arts
Looks: straight blue-black hair, deep indigo eyes, deathly pale skin. Average height and body type. Small nose, big mouth.
Quote: (non-compulsory) 'I'll just be over their not smoking meth in the corner'
Bio: English blood and bone. Her mum is dead and her dad was an addict and acholic. She's never done drugs but often pretends that she does to scare people. Her dad once locked her in the basement for 3 days Steiger with only an old bottle of water and some gone off caned beans with no can opener. She loves life but pretends she doesn't. She's and an animigus (if that's how you spell it) she can transform into a black swan although rarely does.
House Suggestions: Slytherin?

Location: Halls.
Time and Date: 9a.m., Sunday, June.
Open? Closed to +An Aspiring Goddess. (Can't tag because of font)

*Rochelle wandered through the halls. It was pretty empty. She began to pop from human to fox and back again. You heard the noise and...*

Any body wanna role play?

thanks for accepting me I will make my character later tomorrow if I can thanks if thats okay
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