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now these are the rule here 

you aren't allowed to hate on anyone even if you don't like them
if you find someone hating please tell a moderator or tag a moderator in the post that they are hating in and they will be taken care of
2) NO NFSW (sexual content) 
you are not allowed to post anything sexual here because there may be children here and do you really want to ruin their childhood? 
if you find someone posting sexual photos tell me or my girlfriend right away
3) NO SPAM! 
you cannot spam things in this community
if you find someone spamming tell them CALMLY to stop and if they still do not stop tell a moderator
if you do not have fun THEN WE GONNA HAVE A PROBLEM!

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Game Night (Game In Development) needs a Gore and CG artist, but the thing is I am unable to pay an experienced professional so I need some help out. Please contact me in any way if interested, Must have examples of your works.

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a lil pixel for a friend of mine, +Bloody Cupcake:3 !

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a lil gift for one of harmony's friends


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yeah.............. yesterday i got bored and wanted to draw an oc so this lil girl came into existence!
my girlfriend, harmony, said that she really liked it so i gave it to her as a gift!
and i decided to use a base for this

original base:

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i remade an old oc of mine, forest walk

personality (good side): melancholic, pacifist, not talkative

personality (bad side): angry, genocidal

bio: at a young age she lost her parents to a wild fire that brought her village to it's knees. she has orginally thought it was a freak accident but, it was found to be the handy work of a pony with a gruge againist the village. she can't remember the pony's name but she can remember exactly what they looked like. slowly an anger built in her until a seperate being formed inside of her. the first time she took control of forest she killed thousands.
forest was jailed for her crimes. during her time in there she tried to kill herself countless times, but to no avail. soon the unamed presence living inside forced it's way out again. it broke out of the prison and espaced to the forest.
she now lives in an uncharted area of eqestria, living with the animals that inhabibit it.... along with the monster inside of her.

im not certain if i should make her an adopt, or make a biding for her, or to just keep her
but if i do give her away the price isn't gonna be low

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a really old (and i mean REALLY! old) piece of mine with all my main oc's emotion forms, and yes she is a gem
why she is in a pony form is because in the homeworld she was sent through a portal and ended up in the eqestria world,
i might just remake it in my new style

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Hi! I'm new here! If any good artists can do trades for Anthropomorphic/Feral characters please comment and mention me... Below of some of my art... Have a wonderful rest of your day
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i wanna create a new chracter soo

(and please try to refrain from alicorns, i simply don't want another one, two is enough)

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Looking for someone to draw my babe. I have 30 points. But I can also pay in art trades or myos.

(None of art is mine oc is so NO STEALY
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