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Gideon Rosenblatt

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Simon Robinson

People-Centered Business  - 
This is book for those of you looking to develop new leadership skills or help others step up to the plate in 2017.
There is an old cartoon which has as its strap-line “I can’t come to bed. Someone on the internet is wrong.” I am sure you will have seen one of the many versions of it. Last year…
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Hernan Huwyler

General Discussion  - 
The promotion of a sustainable risk and compliance culture across the enterprise is a responsibility of the board and the executive-level leaders, particularly, the compliance and risk officers. My post define a good risk and compliance culture, helpful to develop actions for good and sustainable business Thoughts?
I welcome to expand my LinkedIn network with audit professionals:
The promotion of a sustainable risk and compliance culture across the enterprise is a responsibility of the board and the executive-level leaders, particularly, the chief compliance and risk officers. Their tone at the top fi...
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Gideon Rosenblatt

Sustainable Business  - 
Changes in manufacturing to offer greater personalization to consumers could also lead to reduced consumption - and that could be very good for the planet. 
This piece starts with an overview of "Industry 4.0" and his people will be at the center of it. Then, it goes in an important different direction, looking at how the personalization of production will change production processes in a way that dramatically reduces waste and the problems of over-consumption.

HT +P2P Foundation​
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Obenta Onoja

General Discussion  - 
How can businesses contribute to peace and security in this period of global insecurity? 
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Chuck Leddy

"Good Business" Books  - 
How to Foster a Culture that Supports Innovation: an interview (and podcast) with author Stephen Shapiro.
Innovation expert Stephen Shapiro has written five books, including 24/7 Innovation: A Blueprint for Surviving and Thriving in an Age of Change and his most recent, Best Practices Are Stupid: 40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition. Shapiro is also a much-sought-after speaker and consultant in ...
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Chuck Leddy

People-Centered Business  - 
Why are "open-concept" restaurant kitchens booming? Because #empathy  drives #quality.
Open restaurant kitchens provide you with the opportunity to improve the customer dining experience. Here's what you should know.
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Sakari Maaranen

Social Enterprise  - 
Finnish retail #cooperatives
#OatsAndChocolates Thank you Alepa Kauppakassi (grocery delivery service)! Some of the products we ordered yesterday had their packaging slightly damaged - with contents intact. Nevertheless today they brought another package of every item free - plus three extra packages of Fazer chocolates (not shown in the picture). We had ordered four and only one package was superficially damaged. They still brought four new. That's one kilo extra.

Alepa is part of the S Group, so as members we get 5% bonus back of everything we buy there. On top of that we get 5-20% annual interest for our membership deposits. All our family members have joined 14 different retail cooperatives that are all members of the S Group. In total that is €4200 euros in deposits that generate about €500 profit annually, basically risk free. In other words, they pay us high interest so that we can get at least 5% discount of everything we buy. Their pricing is competitive even without the discounts, and of course they have also other offers, discounts at many restaurants, cruises, hotels, etc.

The S Bank accounts and credit card are also free - without any service fees direct or indirect - and they actually pay you 0.5% back of everything you buy in their stores (on top of that 5%). It's not some obscure loyalty point system. They pay it all in cash. You can even invest it automatically to any of the S mutual funds that have zero transaction fees, so you can invest any amount, large or small, or withdraw it at any time at no cost.

You get all your receipts directly to your smartphone if you like, so you can get rid of paper receipts completely. Even the guarantee receipts are separated automatically and kept electronically for future reference.

Leaders of the S Group are democratically elected.
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Simon Robinson

People-Centered Business  - 
This is a new interview with Maria and myself discussing Holonomics and leadership with Bill Fox from Container13 as part of their series 'Forward-Thinking Workplaces'. 
Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ Interview with Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson Welcome to our interview with Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson. Simon and Maria are co-authors of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, and co-founders of Holonomics Education. Their new book Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design will be published in …
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About this community

The Good Business community is dedicated to business as a force for good in the world. We build relationships and learn from each another as we explore how businesses can help create societal and ecological good. ___________________________

Chuck Leddy

People-Centered Business  - 
Why the Business Lunch May Be the Best Way to Engage Employees
Regular, company-wide business lunch meetings are wonderful opportunities for your employees to meet and learn in informal, interactive settings.
Marcy Tatro GG's profile photo
May I ask you who you are to me do I know you this is Marcie
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Chuck Leddy

Social Enterprise  - 
As MLK Day Nears, How Are U.S. Businesses Doing in Making Dr. King's "Dream" Vision a Reality? 
MLK Day reminds us all how far we've come in the world of HR and that there's still much work ahead if King's dream is to become a reality.
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Chuck Leddy

People-Centered Business  - 
As 80 m Baby Boomers Are At/Near Retirement, How Can Companies Stop the Looming "Brain Drain"? An Interview & Podcast with author Robert Morison:
Robert Morison is co-author of the book, Workforce Crisis: How To Beat The Coming Shortage Of Skills and Talent, published by Harvard Business School Press. Morison's book focuses on demographic changes in the workplace, such as an “age wave” of retiring baby boomers and what this might ...


We provide Economical, Effective, Efficient and Expeditious solutions. Our database network is specifically tailored to assure delivery of the best available candidates.

We are having the best companies and vast database, professional portals & a huge online network reference in India. We excel in providing manpower for senior, middle and junior management level, with an endeavor to render you with best professionals.

We provide soft skills training before sending the candidates and suggesting them tips for personal grooming as well. We take orientation and induction sessions of the candidates as per the requirements of the company. We take responsibility of all the requirements of the companies, right from screening of resumes to hiring.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment in Indian must be carried out through a proprietor holding a Govt approved Manpower
Recruiting Agency. Our license no is SD/001/Delhi, M/S KUMON DRIVERS® required following documents for recruitment of manpower to process the cases.
The procedure of recruitment is simple and starts with preparation of documents in our favor as follow.

M/S KUMON DRIVERS® we believe in providing the most efficient end-to-end recruitment solutions to our esteemed client organizations. Located in NCR, our Recruitment Services are highly regarded by the client organizations. We follow a very effective screening policy for the recruitment procedure, which in turn helps us in recruiting the most eligible candidates for the available jobs. With our Recruitment Services, we ensure to provide our clients with the brightest candidates and also employ the candidates according to their job interest and the work culture suitable for them.
Human Resource
It is a fact that efficient management of Human Resources is as important as recruitment of suitable candidates. To smoothly carry-out all HR Functions, organizations have set up dedicated HR Divisions. We offer to undertake hiring at all levels in the HR Division as per the requirements of the client’s company. We maintain a databank of candidate profiles with relevant qualifications, interests, and experience. We commit to recommend the most suitable candidates for the posts of HR Generalists, HR Managers, HR Team Leaders, HR Executives, etc.

What We Do

 We will arrange Qualified Manpower with interview and Trade Test in Different cities for Selection of Manpower.

 We first understand the requirements of our clients.

 We shortlist the candidates and we brief the company details and Trained them according to the Companies requirement.

 Our services start with building the relationship with the clients and working on focused & well-defined job profiles to get the right person.

 We offer a quality of services that will surpass our client’s expectations.

 Immediate and quick response to all your Human Resource needs.

 To offering highly effective, efficient & value added services to delight our clients.

Mission Statement
• To develop a quality and innovative recruitment service that is driven by and focused on the needs of all our people (staff, candidates and clients).

Our Vision
• To enrich the lives of our people (staff, candidates and clients) by being the very best at what we do.

Our Values
• We FOCUS on the needs of our people (staff, candidates and clients) the ones who take our business and services forward.

• We will always PROGRESS as an organization as we embrace new challenges that benefit our people (staff, candidates and clients) services and business.

• We are always RESPONSIVE, ensuring flexibility and honesty towards our people (staff, candidates and clients) at all times.

• We strive for PROFITABILITY in order to re-invest in our people (staff, candidates and clients) services and business.

Industry we are working
 Aviation
 Educational Institutions
 Engineering
 Retailing
 Consumer Durables
 Construction Sector
 On Line Marketing Companies
 Hospitality and Health Care
 Airlines
 Pharmaceutical
 Telecom
 Process & Infrastructure
 Real Estate
 Information Technology
 Schools &Hotels

Profile Experience
 Customer Service
 Training
 Operations
 Process
 Compliance
 Investments
 Management
 Warehousing
 Corporate
 Communications
 Relationship
 Marketing
 Sales
 HR

• Who we are
KUMON MANPOWER SOLUTIONS was established in Part of M/S KUMON DRIVERS® in 2014 after extensive market research showed a need for a specialist supplier of drivers on temporary or permanent basis according to the clients needs, in the shortest possible time. This allows companies to operate effectively as per normal should their driver let them down.
• Permanent Placements
We can provide your company with permanent drivers on demand, giving you the flexibility of choosing a driver that meets your exact requirements. All drivers have been background checked to ensure you get the best possible driver for the job.
• Valet Parking Drivers
M/S KUMON DRIVERS® is the leading valet parking driver service provider in Delhi/NCR. We are dedicated to offering only the of highest standard of customer service. M/S KUMON DRIVERS® has been known as Brand in terms of Customer Service and quality of facilities. We provide drivers experienced in valet parking for MNC, Call Center, Five stars and three star Hotels, Software Companies including Wedding and other Functions/Ceremonies on hourly basis.

• Temporary/Contract/Employees

Need a driver in a hurry? No problem! Give us a call and we will quickly secure a driver for you from our vast database of competent pre-screened candidates.
• Truck Assistants
Need assistants to help your driver and to allow deliveries to take place more efficiently? Give us a call and we will quickly secure a truck assistant for you from our vast database of competent pre- screened candidates.
We also provide general assistants for various industries on demand. Call us for more information on how we can assist you.
• Peace of mind
We know how stressful it can be on an individual when the wrong person is hired. We ensure that all drivers are responsible and have the necessary licenses. We collect as much background information as possible on each driver.
These checks include:
 Drivers License
 Employment History
 Qualification Checks
 Criminal Record Checks
 Well Educated , Well Mannered
 Police Verified
 Personally Verified
 As Per Your Time Schedule

• Our Services:
 Helpers
 Assistant
 Sub Assistant
 Daily Basis Drivers
 Permanent Drivers
 Valet Parking Drivers For Events And Hotels
 Security Services
 Housekeeping

Corporate office:-
K-27 1th Floor Opp ICICI Bank
Vasant Kunj Road Mahipalpur
New Delhi-110037
Mob:-91-8447770118, 9555503508
Tel: 011-65001374
Website: - Kumon Manpower Solution

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Simon Robinson

Sustainable Business  - 
Hi folks,
Registration is now open for the Spring 2017 edition of Capra Course. This article takes a look at how we are supporting participants once they complete the course, and how we will continue to help them put systems thinking into practice, especially in large organisations. If you have any questions, please do ask. 
I am very pleased to announce that registrations are now open for the Spring 2017 edition of Capra Course. The course will start on 1st March and run for the following twelve weeks, with another fo…
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Sakari Maaranen

Sustainable Business  - 
It's often cited that money is the source of all evil. Well, it's actually a bit deeper than that.

It's competition itself that is rooted deeply in the origins of life. That is the true origin of all lies, bias and partisanship. Even primitive life forms try to fool their predators and competitors. Even insects and microbes fight at the scale that is possible for their form.

On the other hand, origin of all good is in communication and cooperation - between individuals of the same species and also between species. Even higher good, looking after whole ecosystems, becomes possible for higher developed understanding.

This is why what we perceive as evil or selfish stupidity and shortsightedness is so difficult to root out. It's grown deep in the primitive instincts of animals and all life, even plants. One doesn't need a brain to be shortsighted or to lack vision. The evil comes from a time when there literally was no understanding and each organism acted strictly in its own immediate environment trying desperately to compete for scarce resources.

However, the deepest form of cooperation is even deeper than the competition. The initial form of communication was the exchange of genetic code that is nowadays otherwise known as sex. With more complex animals the instincts and emotions of love developed around it.

Looking back at money from this perspective, it encompasses both the elements of competition and elements of communication and cooperation. It's a medium of exchange, but what makes it fundamentally different from DNA - the natural medium of exchange - is that money per se does not encode information of what works in cooperation or competition. It's just a scalar whose value is determined by human arbitration. Whether money, works as a means of evil or good, depends on whether we use it for ruthless competition or balanced cooperation.

The source of all evil is ruthless competition: Focus on maximising growth via profit. Think in terms of risk and profit. Be bold, proud, ruthless, aggressive, passionate and do not hesitate. Disclose information on need to know basis. Do not disclose strategic information. Use misinformation to confuse your competitors and your prey. Never trust. Be evil.

The source of all good is mutually beneficial cooperation: Focus on security via balanced diversity. Think in terms of caution and continuity. Be wise, humble, compassionate, patient and understanding. Think and discuss. Openly share the truth in public. Never lie. Trust. Be good.

It takes higher intelligence to even begin to understand why the good will prevail over the evil. Especially note that good does not win, because it does not compete. It just prevails.

Paradoxically both the good and the evil see each other as stupid. The difference is that good people admit they are quite limited, and in that way stupid, whereas the evil see themselves as smart. So both are right about the other, but the evil are mistaken about themselves. That is narcissism.

Many people simply do not believe in the good, because they lack the required level of understanding. This type despises the altruist, their caricature for good that they perceive as childlike. This is how you can detect the evil mindset, either in others, or in yourself. However, you can only change it in yourself.

You have the good in you, so you will respond to evil with good. Just be cautious with the evil. It's primitive and doesn't understand itself, similar to a wild beast. The evil is predictable. You know it's going to try to lie to you. You can trust it will try to compete you. The trick is to make it believe you are a friend, and then be a friend, without turning evil yourself in the process. Finally, always maintain caution when being friends with the evil, because they are predictable to test your patience from time to time.

These are not supernatural forces. The good and evil are simply attitudes, instincts, emotions, behaviors etc. found in our minds, evolved as a part of life. They are real activity of our central nervous system.

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Chuck Leddy

General Discussion  - 
Why Inclusion of Workers With Disabilities is Good for People & Business #inclusion #HR  #Hiring   #engagement  
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Hernan Huwyler

General Discussion  - 
My new article "Reputational impact of operational and compliance risks". The business reputation is the final consequence of how the ethical values permeated the corporate culture to be visible to stakeholders. Corporate values need more than be self-proclaimed to improve the image perceived by stakeholders.

#Business #Ethics #RiskManagement #Reputation
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Chuck Leddy

General Discussion  - 
The Movement for Equal Pay for Women CONTINUES at State Level.
New state equal pay laws may be harbingers of things to come. Here's what finance leaders should know.
Kevin Rumsey's profile photo
Equal pay is like equal rites, But, whom wares the pants in a home or the business. In in other words. Whom leads, and who follows???
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CJ Liu

People-Centered Business  - 
Why it's good for people and profits when you focus on your employee's strengths? Increase motivation and meaning at work by knowing your employee and your own strengths.
Kim Dunn's profile photo
How absolutely true. Plus listen, appreciate, and acknowledge your employees AND your customers! Live and operate by "The Golden Rule"! 
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Gideon Rosenblatt

People-Centered Business  - 
Most of us alive today grew up believing in a certain inevitability when it comes to technology. We sense — incorrectly— that the way we relate to technology today is the way we will relate to it in decades to come. We believe — mistakenly — that what is cold and alien today will only be more so tomorrow. We buy into the idea — though that is all it is — that the primary purpose of technology is to make money for its owners.

Companies control the code behind the code of today's technology. What would it take to build tools with deeper purpose?
If we want technology that embraces our humanity, we need to start asking for it.
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Chuck Leddy

General Discussion  - 
Can you measure the financial value of human capital (i.e., people)?
Assessing the value of human capital, the most important asset of any organaization, has long been easier said than done.
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