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The Need For Grace

According to Gbile Akanni, he defines Grace as the enablement given to a man, that makes him to level up and overcome all the valleys and contours that would have swallowed him up.

Oxford Advanced Dictionary defines Grace as the kindness God shows towards the human race.There are some many divers meaning of Grace but we shall study together about the need for God's grace.

Grace can be seen as God's provision that helps to bring each and everyone of us to fulfilment.

Grace is free, it is given without any measure.

God's grace works in different dimension.

Grace is God's ability given to a man to help and assist him along his way to success.

Without Grace, the best we can become is NOTHING. In order for Christ to transform us from nobody to somebody, Grace is required.

Do you think you can do it all alone?

Do you think you can walk out of darkness with God's help?

Do you think you can overcome the challenges of life yourself?

Do you think you can succeed in life with God's help?

There is a link that has to be found; Until you find that link, you can never win the battle of life.

The missing link is GOD'S GRACE.

Grace is God's response to our weaknesses. It is the timely response to our needs.

Grace is like a battery saver, when you percentage is low, grace extend your life.

Grace fortifies us against immorality.

Grace was given to man as a device ready to solve the problems of life.

Noah (from the Bible) found grace in the sight of God; when the world is full of corruption, wickedness, hatred and many more evil works of the flesh and the Lord was annoyed and he made use of an heavy rain to clear the surface of the earth but Noah and his household and some animals found the Grace of God and they were saved before that day.

When grace is at work, it makes you to know the solution to the problem ahead of you. Problem will come, temptation will arise but with God's grace we shall overcome them with ease.

Moses also found grace in the sight of God to bring Israel out of slavery in Egypt despite his weaknesses( he was a Stammerer) he was still entrusted with that responsibility to be the one to save them from slavery.

Grace deals with your weaknesses before time, get prepared for God's call to serve him.

God's grace was given to David also in order for him to fight and overcome the Israelites from Goliath when King Saul told him to go and the Lord will be with him.

He was given earthly armors but he rejected it and he put on the whole armor of God.

When the Philistine saw him coming, they despise him for he was a youth and he was unarmed.

And the Philistine belittled him and Goliath said to David, Am I a dog, that you came to me with sticks? And they cursed his gods

They never knew what he has within him, just because of his appearance they despise him.

But when grace is at work you get the auction to speak.

And David told them that, you came to me with sword and with spear, and with

a shield: but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.

And he overcome with ease and he prevailed upon the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and he slew him and cut his head and when they saw their champion dead, they fled.

When grace is at work, all enemies flew without you pursuing them. We can never run out of God's grace if we also are with him

As we have it in every country that it is only indigen from that country can be enshrined to some rights.

Likewise in Christiandom,some right are limited to those who never knew Christ

•But God's grace is free but to enjoy it to the fullest we must move closer to God.

•Worship him with fear and trembling.

There is a call for you to find that missing link: GRACE.

By: Oduleye Gabriel Oluwatosin
President,Vibrant talented Rulers

Excrept from my upcoming motivational book titled : "STEPPING STONES TO GREATER ACHIEVEMENT"

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