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How I Diagnosed a Bad Wifi Router written by Rick Kirkham #InHomeComputerHelpHonoluluInternet

One of my in home computer clients in Honolulu Hawaii wasn't able to log onto the internet in her bedroom. Her Samsung smart curved tv in the living room was working and Netflix was accessible therefore the internet leading to her home was working.

So what was the difference between the internet in the bedroom compared to the internet in the living room?,13036.msg13303.html#msg13303 

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An Advertising Forum That Allows You to Remove Replies? #ForumMarketing #InternetMarketing #AffiliateMarketing

Unheard of! Yet it exists at The Christian Business Network Forum located at where members may post advertisements, announcements, press releases articles and share devotions.

That's Not All This Post Ads Forum Offers!

Dofollow links! That's right. Any links you post will help your search engine rankings and well as increase your sales in the future!

Affiliate friendly links postings! These days it's hard to post your affiliate link to a classifieds forum or any other style of forum without being banned. Owners are more worried about their own search engine rankings due to the myth of duplicate content than they are helping their fellow human being. Not here! POST YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS AT GODSBUSINESSWAY.COM!

Permanent posts! When you post to classified sites you have to constantly remember to go back to renew it. Craigslist is notorious for competitors having your advertisement banned. Post your ad to The Christian Business Network Forum and forget it! Remove it yourself whenever you wish.

Spam free! Thanks to God, who moved me to charge a simple $2.00 per month for unlimited posting. This advertising and marketing help forum is FREE OF SPAM! No need for your article to compete with the junk ads you see on other post your ads forums.

Social media buttons! This Christian Business Network Promotion forum is designed to get your advertisements out into the world! You'll find the buttons to share your posts and other posts of interest to the left and at the bottom of each ad, article, press release and sales page.,13004.msg13271.html#msg13271
Just a link to this article making sharing easier

FREE marketing software and ebooks to posting members

How Do I Join The Christian Business Network Forum to Post My Ad to The Forum?

Wait for your activation email
Click the link inside the email
Log in
Click Profile
Click Paid Subscriptions;area=subscriptions
Join the Business Owner Group or the I Can Post Group
You now have the right to post your permanent ads, articles, press releases and announcements to this dofollow link, spam free forum!

Here are exact directions if you need them,12202.msg12450.html#msg12450

It's Time to Make a Change

Insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Join The Christian Business Network Forum NOW!

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I demonstrated in this video how to switch from desktop view back to mobile view with a Windows Phone, but this will probably work on a Android phone as well

Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu call or text dual certified teacher, in home computer, cell phone and tablet tutor J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 224-1870

computer tutoring,computer help,computer virus removal,in home,housecalls,onsite,Honolulu Hawaii,Oahu,Windows phones,tutorial,how to

How to Post in Top Posters Category and How to Make Your Posts Stickies in,5.0.html     
To share this post copy and paste this at least from the link above on up. The more people who come to this post your ads forum the more people that will see your advertisements

Register with
Click the link in the double check email
Check your spam filter if it doesn't arrive in a few minutes
Log in

You may now post your ads for free in any section except Top Posters which appears at the top of the forum

To Post in The Top Poster Board Section Category and Get More Views by Being on Top

Register with
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Join the correct subscription. This subscription will also allow to post sticky posts anywhere as well as Post in the top section of

To Make Your Advertisements a Stickies on Top of ALL Regular Posts

Register with
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Join the correct subscription. Both subscriptions will allow you to make sticky posts. Top Poster also allows you to post in the top section of
After posting your advertisement click Attachments and Other Options
Click Sticky this post
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Capture Emails from Websites with This Software and Speed Up The Emailing Process

I wrote a program so I can go to websites, capture their emails and email them with an introduction. Can I write a software program just to grab all emails from a specific search in Google and send out a mass email to that list? Sure, I wrote one a few years ago, but the purpose of this email capture program is not to send bulk mail to an entire search result, but to introduce yourself to someone and do what is called a soft-sell, network and build a relationship which is each worth 1000 spam emails!

It’s the same technique you'd use when first meeting someone at a party.

“So what do you do?”

“I’m a plumber.”

“How long have you been doing that now?”

“20 years. What do you do?”

I’m an in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist. Here’s my card. Do you have one?”

The Same Type of Introduction Can be Done Utilizing The Email Capture Program

Here’s an Example of a Letter of Introduction I Sent Out to a search result Using Kirkham’s Email Capture and Quicker Send Software,9645.msg9844.html#msg9844    

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Scammed - The Cost of NOT Doing Business Locally written by Rick Kirkham

I had a church member call me stating he could not get into his web based email (ie Yahoo,, Gmail etc.) I went through the normal procedures. Clicked on forgot your password etc.. The problem was he didn’t have a backup email, cell phone and I’m not convinced his home phone number was even up to date. 


Now this church member knows I’m a full time, self-employed in home computer tutor and a virus removal specialist her in Honolulu Hawaii. He also knows I have a remote computer service. He decided to go with the remote computer service from a well known country known for outsourced telephone support and solicitation.,8121.msg8303.html     

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How to Download and Import Mailing Lists from

I was moved to start an organization called but, to let organizations such churches know of my service and organization I needed a way to contact these organizations even if they didn’t have an email address or website. Furthermore they probably get hundreds of emails per day and ANYONE from business to charitable organizations are more likely to look at a postcard or letter than an email. Take note folks. A postcard will get you a better return rate than an email.

One Address at a Time is Just Too Slowwwwwwwwwwwww!,7436.msg7608.html   

Post has attachment Introduction How We Started and Our Mission Statement

Computer Experts Helping Computer Users with Extra Tight Budgets     

 What Truly Moved Me to Start 
 Later That Night…
 Now It Begins…
 How To Find a Computer Expert in Your Area
 How to Get Listed as a Computer Expert for Your Area
 How to Post Your Computer Expertise to The  Board Section of The Christian Business Network
 Spread The Word,6566.0.html  

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Apple-Mac Vs PC Windows - Which One to Buy? by Rick Kirkham

So you’re thinking about buying a new computer and you have friends which own personal computers driven by Windows and Apple/Mac computers. Both sets of friends make convincing arguments for one side or the other based on their positive or negative experiences with their own computers.

I’m in the unusual position as an in home computer, tablet and cell phone tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu, to have experience teaching both Macs and PCs especially to end computer users. Here’s what I’ve found and here’s the advice I give on a daily basis.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Window and Apple/Mac Computers

Advantages of Apple/Mac Computers,7188.msg7357.html 

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The Price of a Computer - Don’t Get Scammed written by J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

I received a call through the Yellow Pages about a month ago which moved me to let people know what a new computer should cost you. As an in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii AND the founder of I get all kinds of computer related questions. It’s more important to me that I help the computer client or potential computer client than it is for me to make a fast buck off of him/her. Don’t get me wrong, I understand very well the pressure of paying bills and feeding your family when you’re self-employed full time, but I can testify as to the Biblical way of conducting business and placing people ahead of profits. NOT ironically, you make more money in the long run by conducting business in this Biblical and ethical manner.

Not Everyone in The Computer Business is as Ethical,7137.msg7305.html   
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