How's everyone doing?

I apologize for more being more active. I recently got a new job and have been busy preparing to start! 

Any more thoughts on the goals for the group?

Also, is anyone interested in joining me as a moderator for the group? I wouldn't want to see this group fizzle out completely, but am sure that I'll be really busy over the coming weeks/months getting acclimated to my new job. 

Hi all, just wondering if we have a goal for this group - occupy elearning struck me as an interesting idea?

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Hi all, Thanks for joining! I though it would be appropriate to re-post the transcript of a speech given in 2002 by John Daniel, UNESCO Assistant General-General for Education (2001-2004) from EDC Week 1 Resources.  If you have not read it yet, it explores some of the issues I hope we can discuss in detail when everyone has a chance. I'm sure we're all trying to adjust to the pace & demands of the course, so no rush.
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