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Lulu was an orphan little girl who got abanded by her parents when she was a baby. She was 4 months old as she Cry's in a box under a street light at night it was raining a bit and drizzled a little. The box got wet by the rain as she has no cover. That night (y/n) walks down the street to have peace in the rain, trys to calm down. You heard a baby crying as you think it was a mother trying to make her baby go to sleep but you seen a box all the way at the corner of the street under the light post. You decided to...

Your character must be 5-6 and have a Rich family
Her name is midnight but you have to let your mother name her
She is 4 months
Her looks will be in hangouts as I'll tell you what she looks like
Will be in hangouts
Bio: she had a nice mother,father. But they just left her because she wines to much, don't shut up
Don't do "you" please do "you" don't do "r" please do" are"
1-2 lines please
Will be romance and sexual
Don't rush right to sexual thing really fast
Don't send 3 messages a time for example

Person: walks to you and hugs you.
Person: kisses you on the cheek
Person: want to go to the park?
Don't send three messages a time you can send a extra message in case you mess up
Break the rules I will abanded the roleplay
Boy or girl can play as a boy

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Need male teacher
Teacher(you) x student(me)
Name: Jessica
Nicknames: jess
Species: human
Personality: kind, shy, funny and don't talk much
Gender: female
Crush/lover: my science teacher
Abilities/power:she has ice , snow , frost power
Likes: her science teacher, her hair
Dislike: mean people and people making fun of me
Bio: she is a new student and been at school for 3 months and knows her classes. She lives at the north pole but don't tell no one about it. Her parents are Mr claus and Mrs Claus.
Others: she loves snow flakes when she was a new born. Her parents called her Jessica. Years gone by and she grown to a young wonderful women. Her hair is white as snow and goes down to her feet and her eyes are baby blue. She got transformed from many schools by her parents bc the kids find out by her powers. If one more person from this school found out and tell someone she has to be homeschooled
Clubs: ???
Apperance: baby blue eyes, her hair is really long and goes down to her feet. Her hair is white as snow

Need a science teacher

Starter: she walks to school every single day. Today she is wearing a dress with snowflakes on it. She has a crystal around her neck and wearing gloves. My book bag is blue and crystal hanging from my dress. I have baby blue eyes and wearing glasses with snowflake on it. She went past (y/n) class room as I went inside it. (Y/n) walks over to me and...

Will be in hangouts
No Pp
Please don't rush straight to sexual stuff really fast
Romance & sexual allowed
Boys only!
Please enjoy roleplay with me^^

May I asked a question?

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"S I N N E R S."

"Y'all need Jesus."

"Jesus take the wheel..."

"Make room for Jaysus. MAKE ROOM FOR JAYSUS!"


"You get your butt outta this room and get me some diddly darn food!"

"Gosh diddly darn it!"

"Now hold up one darn tootin second."

"My favorite number is potato."

=Name= Heather Nikol Jet

=Age= twenty one years old

=Birthday= October 31st, 1996

=Place of Birth= Dublin, Ireland.

=Place of Dwelling= A white two story house with bright green shutters and a bright purple front door. Flowers surround the outside and a giant tree house in the oak tree in the back yard. A Hobbit hole with a yellow door, in the hill far behind her house. She lives on seven acres of land, with some horses, pigs, cows and chickens. Goats roam the grounds as well. She lives alone on her 'farm' house, parties with her frens here and there, since they live far away.

=Personality= She's quite the crazy girl, good 'ol Heather. She's been stereotyped as the 'bad girl', by her idiotic neighbors. They're not wrong of course. From time to time she'll be that one crazy extrovert who doesn't give a hoot. But most of the time she's a mysterious introvert who hates people. Ever since her fathers torture and the kids at school bullying her, she hasn't let
her guard down and she doesn't open up to people very well. It takes quite a long time for her to come out of her shell, but when she does she's as loyal and trustworthy as possible. If you give her a chance, she'll give you her life. All she truly wants is a fren. But no one knows since they're all too afraid of what she might do.

=Occupation= She's a fulltime YouTuber, which fits her wacko personality.

=Pet(s)= Like said before, she has two horses, six pigs, ten cows, twelve chickens and twenty goats. She also has three Doberman Pinschers and a calico house cat. All of which are boys except for Roxanne, the only female dog. (the dogs and cat anyways)

=Gender= female.

=Sexuality= straight

=Crush= <*open*>

=Frens= <*open*>

=Likes= she loves acting and drama, hence the YouTube fame. Animals, (obviously) she absolutely loves food with all of her heart. Taters are the way to this girls heart. She loves the outdoors and nature, if you couldn't tell already. Music is a huge part in her life, she plays the drums and trumpet.

=Hobbies= One of her hobbies includes sports. She plays all sorts of sports. Basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, even bowling! She draws and paints a lot,
writes fan fiction from time to time, and games. On YouTube, she a gamer and she does lots of skits. She also played in a band, Sunset On The Moon, as the drummer. But the band broke up and now she just drums alone. She's also an otaku, with a passion for anime and food. She always plants a huge garden each year, cause she enjoys it very much.

=Dislikes= Despite the fact she plays drums and trumpet, she hates loud noises, busy cities, mornings, people, spiders and small spaces.

=Fears= Quite like her dislikes, she is scared of loud noises, spiders, clowns and the dark. Well, she's more scared of what's in the dark than the dark itself.
Small spaces, and her biggest fear: her father.

=Appearance= She's tall and slender, with long curly jet black hair. Emerald green eyes and a mischievous yet dark grin. Her face is roundish with freckles incasing her whole body. She's very pale and she wears lots of mascara and eyeliner but nothing else.


<*Casual Wear*> She normally wears a dark gray tank top hoodie that fades into white, with black skinny jeans and red chucks. Her hoodie has a choppy heart stitched into it that's blood red.

<*Formal Wear*> A light purple lacy tube top with a short, flowy black skirt and leggings. Black chucks cause she isn't the most formal person.

<*Winter Wear*> An oversized gray sweater that reads: I'm not even on drugs, I'm just weird.
Some skinny jeans and brown on black ankle boots.

+Bio+ She was born and raised in Ireland with her alcoholic parents. Her mother and father divorced when she was ten, so she lived with her father. He received depression after the split, so he became drunk each night and slept with a different woman day after day. Tired of all this crap, she ran away only to be found by her father. Angry, he began beating her and beating her twenty four seven. She called the cops, but they never arrested him, saying she had no proof of that, even though she had cuts everywhere. They thought she was depressed, and she cut herself. Of course, they were not wrong. She was depressed, very much so, but she knew better than to do self harm.
The day she turned eighteen was the happiest day of her life. She moved out and into her own home, saved up and then bought the land she owns today.

//Hey! This took me an insanely long time to write! I hope she's all good and I hope her age isn't a problem considering she's twenty one. I love Heather, she's one of my favorite oc's ever made by myself. I hope you all love her as much as I do!//

The pictures don't quite resemble her fully, but this is what I found that looked the closest to her

she looks most like the last one

the first show's how long her hair is, the second how tall and slender and the third how she looks the most

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First name: Kit
Last name: Peters
Nickname: Kitten, Kitty
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Silly, giggly, nervous
Crush: Taken by my soul mate
Friends: Open
Enemies : Open
Appearance: Brown ombre hair, brown eyes, 5' 5", sometimes wears glasses
Traits: Drawing, singing, adventurous, dancing
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Name: Jasmine
Last name: Dragneel
Nickname: jaz, jazzy
Age: 17
Gender: female
Crush: (open)
Sexuality: straight
Hair color: purple
Eye colors: green
Bio: her parents died when she was 6 and lived with her uncle until she was in high school
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Would anyone like to do an role-play . Commet what kind u would like to do. I do pretty much all kinds.

Anyone want to rp with me? Boy pls .


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First name: Hayley
Last name: Mickelson
Nickname(only friends and bf get to call her): Wolf, Hay
Personality: flirty, stubborn, sassy, quiet, feisty, playful
Crush:open ((coment and i might make your oc my crush))
Friends: open
Enemies : who ever she can't reason with
Appearance: in pics
Traits: knows how to protect herself if she got into a bad relationship. Can paint and draw.
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