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I thought it might be useful to suggest some general areas of potential interest  (to me at least).  Let me know if you think this doesn't cover it.

Community Guidelines

Most of us are familiar with YouTube's own Community Guidelines but are also aware that, however good they may sound, the implementation of those guidelines leaves a lot to be desired.  It's also the case the the YT vlogging community has evolved its own rules of etiquette, complete with its own vocabulary of doxing, (false) flagging, sock puppets, and gaslighting.  Some of the rules that have been developed on the fly by the users themselves have rarely been articulated clearly so it might be useful if we take the opportunity to do that here.  What behaviours do you think should be encouraged, discouraged, are completely beyond the pale, or deserve bouquets?

Network Philosophy

This vlogging thing seems so natural now to those of us who've been doing it for a while that I think we forget how weird it really is.  I talk into a camera to you, edit the video, add a title and description, and then upload it to a site where anyone can look at it.  At some point in the future, after a period of hours, days, or longer, you watch the video and leave a comment, or maybe make a response.    Is this a conversation we're having?  Is this conversation 'live'?  If I die before you respond, but you don't know so you respond as if I'm still alive, is there still a conversation going on?

This asynchronous recorded broadcast social media conversation is a new form of interaction, and maybe it needs different ways of talking about it.  This would be a good category to think into those things.

If anybody fancies it, this is a link to David Bohm's 'On Dialogue' which might make an interesting place to start that conversation.,%20Chemistry%20and%20Free%20Energy/044-PH08-The%20Unified%20Theory/David%20Bohm/David%20Bohm%20-%20On%20Dialogue.pdf

Filthy Lucre

Earning money through generating ad revenue has always been a feature of YouTube since the very early days of Partnering.  However, the lure of 'making it big' seems to be an increasingly visible part of the YouTube experience these days, and many new vloggers clearly see their activity as the development of a YouTube career.

In addition, increasing numbers of channels now feature not only advertising but also links to Paypal donation pages, 'Merch' pages (sorry, but I really hate that word) where you can buy a T-shirt, book, or CD, or Patreon links.

What do you think about the relationship between vlogging and income generation?

Off-YouTube Productions

When I say 'Off-Youtube' I'm thinking of Off-Broadway; those other spaces that attract less audience and where none of the big names hang out.  What about all those other sites other than Youtube?  How do they function in the ecology of vlogging?

Every time YouTube changes its layout, or a channel is flagged down for no good reason, or there is major alteration to the infrastructure (such as the merging with Google+), there is always the same response.  A number of YouTubers (including yours truly) will say "Fuck this shit, I'm going home".  Or more accurately "I'm going to DailyMotion, or Vimeo, or whatever alternative hosting site is flavour of the month".  And of course they/we always come back.  After all, YouTube is where the people are and if your thing is talking in public then you'd better be where that public hangs out.

Sooner or later though YouTube is going to go the way of MySpace and something else will take its place.  What do you think that will be?  Is it already in operation, just under-appreciated?

And what about the connections between YouTube and the other sites everyone routinely uses; Facebook, Twitter, and now of course G+.  Does this 'intermediality' (bonus points for a big word) change the way we do the vlogging thing?

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An early work from a primitive church.
Sure, it's an hour wasted-
what's that to an eternity?

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What's a barbeque without the House nigger?

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Never conflate love of art with the art of love.

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Our latest.
Berate us.

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Or maybe spiritual embodiment.

Eugene Gendlin's "Felt Sense" as part of his technique of 'focusing' -

Article on Robert Burton's "On Being Certain" on ScienceBasedMedicine -

Newberg and D'Aquili's "The Mystical Mind" -

A critique of D'Aquili and Newberg's 'Neurotheology' from Acta Neuropsychologica -

I thought I'd try building a space here for talk about spirituality. religion, belief etc.  So this is it.   I'll be posting a video here later prompted by recent videos from +pyrrho314 


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