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Recently, I attended a Webinar on open education resources that was quite an encouragement. This will be of benefit to my colleagues in the ds4oer course I am taking.

Strength: Open design benefits from many brains.
Weakness: Open design seems to be always a work on progress, is it ever authoritative? #ds4oer
Question: What happens for controversial subjects? Is it a never ending battle of corrections or does OER contributes to reach a consensus? 

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#ds4oer  Quite late as I only came back Sunday from holidays... and trying to catch up. Just "finished" my sandbox

A bit late to join in, but really excited to see the beautiful storyboards and blogs and posts! #DS4OER

I'm still working through the second task - just learning about wikis. This task asks whether I'm pro or con. It's too soon to tell. Without doubt I agree with the rationale for using wikis over LMSs, but as I've never built in a wiki, it's too soon for me to tell. 

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Strength: Open design is a good way to realize the huge potentials of collaboration, cooperation, and collective intelligence  #ds4oer

Strength: There more open access there is the more the idea(l) that free access to knowledge/ education ( like to clean air and safe water) is a universal human right becomes accepted.
Weakness: "No free lunch": There is a growing awareness and anxiety that we "pay" for free access through the data we generate. Also - much of what is open and free initially (piloting) becomes "premium" and no longer free (meanwhile user has become "hooked"! ) which leads to cynicism and distrust of "open" access. #ds4oer

Weakness: Open design might have difficulty to integrate into the traditional educational systems, increasingly oriented towards economic interests and markets. But this could be an alternative to that model, an alternative view worthy to develop and strengthen  #ds4oer

Strength: In this sense, open design is also a social educational way to reduce the individualist worldview that prevails in our society. I think this is a very good educational asset. #ds4oer
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