I know this sucks guys but I thought I might try...

Race against it,
Run as hard as you may,
Fight the current as
It drags you away.

Scream a loud voice contesting its power,
Hour upon hour

Weep for the pain of a child,
Weep as our society embraces the vile
Weep as you have never weeped before.

You can never go back and open that door.

There will be time for rest when our spirit moves from finite to infinite

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Thanks xx

a poem that i did today.

They can jump,run,glide,
they are strong,heavy and powerful,
they are wasted on us,
why do we just use them,
give them a good life and then say 'oh that'll do',
they could be so much more without us,
magical and mythical to,
for the animal i am talking about of course,
is the humble horse.

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