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My dear brothers n sisters in Christ... In dis group we can share our daily life testimonies and can pray for each other to grow more spiritually....can we??

 Dear Mrs./Sir.,                                                          Date 02-19-2016
My Name Is Mr. Alonzo Cleveland Jr. And My Wife Name is Alicia Cleveland, And We Have An Autistic Child, And His Name Is Alonzo Cleveland 3Rd.  I Really Want To Share Our Son's  Awesome Testimony/My Story To The World Because I'm Truly Grateful Of What God Has Done For My Son.  My Son Is A Living Testimony, I Want Everyone To Know Just How Powerful, Perfect And Impeccable Our God Is.  God Does Not Make Any Mistakes.
God knows and feels our pain he may not come when you need him but he's always on time. He Will Not put more on You than you can handle.  My God is An awesome God.  No weapon formed against my family should prosper in Jesus name covered in his blood. there is nothing That can stand in the way of what God planned for me to take care of my Autistic child.  The devil is a liar. 
I Would Be Extremely Delighted, And Very Appreciative If You Could Include  And Feature My Son's Awesome Testimony, And My Story In Your Informative Newsletter So I Can Spread The News On How Powerful My God Is, And The Supernatural Turnarounds Which Manifested In My Son's Life, And In Me And My Wife Life As Well.  My Son's Testimony Is So Awesome And Amazing it Will Turn Any Atheist To A Firm Believer That God Is So Real, And It'll Make The Hair On The Back Of Their Neck Stand Straight Up.  Yes Indeed My God Is So Real, He's Magnificent.  I Can Feel His Goodness, His Spirit, And His Love For Me And My Family.  I Want The World To Know What God Has Done For My Autistic Child.  My Son Is A Lymphoma Cancer Survivor, He Had Dark Blood The Color Of Molasses Coming Out Of His Rectum.  An Endoscopy And A Colonoscopy Procedure Has Been Done On Him.  He Was Diagnosed  With Lymphoma In The Year Of 2008, He Had A Large Mass In His Stomach.  The Doctor Checked On A Later Time, And Said The Mass Has Completely Disappeared, No Lymphoma, And No Large Mass, My God Turned It Around.  My Son Had Very Bad Aggressive Behaviors, It Was The Month Of April 2015, We Called The Ambulance, The Paramedics Gave Him Too Much Medication To Calm Him Down On His Way To The Nearest Hospital, And He Flat Line During The Trip To The Hospital.  Again My Powerful, And Awesome God Turned It Around, And There Is Much More To My Son's Awesome Testimony That God Turned Around In My Autistic Son's Life.

P.S. Please I Want To Share My Son's Awesome Testimony And My Story With You, And The World On How Really Magnificent  My God Is, And What He Did For My Son, And What Me And My Wife Had To Go Through With Our Autistic Child.  You Can Check Out My Son's Entire Awesome Testimony/My Story At:
Little Alonzo's Amazing Testimony/My Story. - Google+

A. Cleveland    Have A Awesome Day!' 
God Is Good All The Time!!

God has a greater plan for us all we have to do is BELIEVE in him Amen
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