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Hey everyone!

For my last post of the night, I was wondering...

Should I stay as Yang, or go to Coco? I'm feeling like having some change.

What should I do?

And good night, my lovelies! Have fun!
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Stay as Yang
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Go to Coco

Name: Viridian Greene

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5’11"

Team: Team VGAS

Partner: Silvio Sharp

Teammates: Aurora Frozenglade, Gold Aurum, Silvio Sharp

Occupation: Huntsman In Training

Academy: Beacon Academy

Appearance: Viridian is tall and thin, but also well built. He has greenish/blue hair that he keeps in a ponytail and a fair complexion. Viridian’s wardrobe consists of a black and teal muscle shirt, white pants, black and teal boots, and a belt that wraps around his waist in a “X” shape. His belt has a cartridge with extra ammunition for his weapons and six extra magazines.

School Wear: Viridian wears the standard Beacon uniform.

Night Wear: Viridian wears a pair of basketball shorts and a black t-shirt.

Weapon: Nameless- Machine Pistol Punch Daggers (MPPD). These gauntlets use Viridian’s power to punch, and they also have machine pistols that shoot. A blade comes out of each gauntlet for more close range blade battling. These gauntlets also increase Viridian’s punching power, and along with his Semblance and anger, his hitting power is unmatched by his fellow students.

Semblance: Absorption- Viridian’s Semblance is the ability to absorb energy from the damage he’s taken. The damage taken is then used against his opponent. The more damage that Viridian takes, the more powerful each of his hits get. This Semblance is also fueled by his anger in battle, and the angrier he gets, the more powerful his hits become.

Aura Color: Teal

Skills: Viridian is highly skilled in combat, mostly punching. He is also a relatively good cook, and normally makes breakfast for his team. Viridian’s punching power is very high, and he is very agile, allowing him to move quickly around the battlefield.

Personality: Viridian is very straightforward and pretty confident about himself. He seems to enjoy fighting, but does get angry when someone insults him or his teammates. Viridian is usually seen with a cocky/confident smile. Although he is always ready for a fight, he is very protective about his partner and teammates. Unfortunately, his anger does get control over him at times, and does get himself and his teammates into trouble.

Biography: Viridian grew up in Atlas, but he felt that he never fit in. All the training with the proper steps and the military fighters wasn’t right for him. Viridian was a reckless, wild brawler who preferred to use his fists as opposed to a blade. This lead him to create his gauntlets as his weapon. Instead of going to Atlas Academy, where he grew up, Viridian ran away and went to Beacon, where he trains to be a Hunter today.

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Quotes; "I break bones, not fix them."
Name; Charles Vancarth
Nickname; Charlie but only to people he trusts
Age; 16
Gender; Male
Sexuality; Bisexual
Species; Human
Family; Dead corpses
Kingdom of origin; Vale
Birthday; Never celebrated it.
School; Beacon
Year; 1
Eye color; Orange
Hair color; Reddish Orange
Complexion; Average
Height; 7'3
Weight; 118 lbs
Aura color; Red
Symbol; Look at first picture
Theme; The Light by Disturbed
Outfit; second picture
Occupation; Student
Status; Neutral

Personality; A silent person due to his dark past. He stays away from everyone but he really wants to find someone who he could trust.
Likes; Books, weapons, ramen, blood, darkness
Dislikes; Boredom, people who bully others and people who judge

Weapon; Broken Memories and it's a machine gun with a mini chainsaw attached to the back of it.
Weapon capabilities; It can shapeshift into it's chainsaw form but only for a bit. It could increase the power of how much the bullets do but it costs some of the user's aura based on how much the power increases.

Semblance; Can become a shadow that is like invisibility. He can hide in plain sight laying on the wall or floor like a real shadow but can only stay like that for a short amount of time. Works better at night but in morning it's more noticeable
Semblance limits; It lasts for around 5 minutes but it takes around 30 minutes to be able to do it again. Also it slightly burns his skin.

Bio; Charles had a horrible childhood. His family never treated him like a person all because of his red eyes. In his family, orange eyes was considered as a curse. He grew up full of anger. He found out how to use a crossbow and swords when he escape his family. When he had enough of them he killed them. He started a new life as a student at Beacon once he was accepted from his training camp.
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●●●●Name●●●● Neopolitan

●●●●Gender●●●● Female

●●●●Sexuality●●●● Straight

●●●●Age●●●● Unknown

Not much is described about her past although she works with Roman and Cinder's Faction helping to cause chaos in the world, she is very effective in conflict although if she knows she is facing a more powerful person than her she would flee.

In the world of crime she likes working with other criminals, Roman being one of them and they are an effective team when together. Although she is mute she still can communicate using phones or gesturing to others so they know what she is doing.

●●●●Appearance●●●● Seen in photos

●●●●Personality●●●● She is confident in battle, Neo is also shown to have a slightly psychopathic and cruel side as she is about to kill her victims.

●●●●Interests●●●● Committing criminal acts

●●●●Other●●●● She is mute and does not speak
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-No one word answers
-3+ lines
-No text talk
-Decent grammar (Doesn't have to be the best)

[Time of Day: Night]

[Time: 3:32 am]

[Location: City]

[Name of city: Classified]

[Name of suspect: Neopolitan]

[Height of suspect: 4'10" (1.47 meters) In heels]

[Complexion: Pale white]

[Crime activity: Neopolitan has recently comitted actions of crimes, these include infiltration, sabotage, assaults on people, associated with other criminals, the list continues.]

[Criminal associates: Neopolitan has been suspected to be currently working under the command of Roman Torchwick, he has committed actions of crime all over the city while the local police forces are struggling to maintain the level of crime currently still resuming.]

[Appearance: Neopolitan's clothing is white, brown and pink, which also goes with her hair color too. Her eye color is brown. pale-pink and even white, she can be seen changing eye colors but information about this is unknown. Although there has been cases where she has been seen with different eye color in general, although the reason behind this is uncertain still.]

[Story: Having known this city you were cautious around every corner at night, any corner could be your doom. Choosing the worst way possible to walk you went through a nearby alley on what seemed to be a desolate street, although it was like you were watched every step you took. Which is worst, being watched or being completely alone. You progressed further into the alley and that was when Neopolitan showed herself, you had no idea who she was, she had an open umbrella over her right shoulder and simply just gave you a smirk, you...]

Roleplay anyone?

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