Here are some tips on using Sponge Balls.
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Your sponges will last a long time if you care for them properly!

Dip a small corner of the sponge into cool water. Blot the sponge on a clean white cloth or paper towel. If any color comes off, the sponge is NOT colorfast. Wear rubber gloves while washing a non-colorfast sponge so the color does not get on your hands. Also, do not wash this type of sponge with any other color of sponge.

How to wash your sponges:
Sponges may be washed by hand in lukewarm water with a drop or two of liquid soap.
Don't rub or scrub them hard.
And do rinse them really, really well.
How to store your sponges:
Store your sponges in a container that is big enough not to squash them. Give them room!
Separate your sponges by color before storing them. Plastic ziplock bags are great for this.
Do not store sponges of different colors touching each other.
The color of one sponge may in time stain the sponge next to it.
Do not store them in a hot place like the attic, or a damp place. Store them in regular room temperature conditions.
How to revive your sponges:
If your sponges get flat from being stored in tight places, or look "bent" from being stored next to another object for too long, you can bring them back to their original shape. Simply wash your hands, and shake the excess water off them. While your hands are still damp, work the dampness into the sponge. You may even lightly mist the sponge and work the drops of water in. The sponge will gradually regain its shape.

Some professionals even prefer to work a few drops of water to their sponges right before using them (with clean hands, of course). The sponges will be extra springy from the moisture, and may be easier for you to handle.

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Happy New Year Everybody!  Thanks for making 2013 a good one, and boy, have we a lot of work next year!  My resolution is to get out there more on the net, and create bigger credibility for myself.  What are your resolutions?

Classic props outdated?

Classic magicians' props, like large rings, cigar boxes, ropes, candles, silks, were used because it allowed the audience to recognise and relate to those objects, in a time when most people would have had those objects in their home or use them at work.

Times change. Most of us no longer carry around ropes... we equate them with cowboys, sailors, boyscouts, and BDSM. Most of us don't have large metal rings laying about, for who uses wooden barrels anymore, apart from wine and whiskey breweries? And smoking is slowly becoming unpopular: will our children recognise cigar boxes?

That means we are faced with a dilemma: will we continue to perform the classic tricks with classic props, and possibly receive a low response from our audience because they believe our props to be gaffed, or will we update our props to enhance recognition, with the danger of having to let go of the classic tricks?

I think there is a middle ground: I started performing the classic 3-ropes trick with audio cables, and adjusted my patter accordingly. Penn and Teller perform the cups and balls with clear plastic cups and rolled up aluminum foil balls.

What will you do?

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I wish I could have this trick!  So visual and very fast!

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You guys will want to read this!  It is great material on how to better yourself at magic and becoming a great performer!

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Merry Christmas!

I want to say, "Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas to all!" I hope everyone enjoys their holiday season!

Remember, the holidays are the best time to market and showcase your magic, so go and reel 'em in!
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