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As with nix us rules I'm gonna add all applications must be accepted so the list that I know of are

1 no spam (temp/perm ban)
2 no advertisement (perm ban)
3 no god modding (temp/perm ban)
4 applications must be accepted

EDIT. I'm gonna make it clear God modding can be done by mods/people with permission BUT there are strict rules

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glows bring out Longshot ..... makes zombie noises (your move)

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the fall of hero's...and how WE MEET poster ouo

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writes and hums lyrics then keeps thinking sounds good but I'm may need some work maybe close book

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Ok fuck what you niggas say this shit is lit

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Red looks into the wondrous distance, meditating. he is as silent as a cricket..

(open rp.)

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Josh: ha your a furry
Me: you know your one to right and actually I'm not

Since my first failed suicide attempt almost 17 years ago my second about 10 years ago and my most recent about 1 and a half years ago I have found something I never thought I would find

People I could trust and talk to may it be irl or online friends that can actually listen

But my only problem is that I feel like IV only been a birder like IV always been in the way useless to you all that is what makes me question why you love me so much why you won't let me leave

Is it cuz you don't know the struggles of my life or that you do think you can help somehow

I have always felt love IV never helped anyone

Silver. Hey irl ratig what are you doing

Irl me. I'm streaming live right now on YouTube and best part I'm gonna make chat a huge roleplay

Silver. Can I touch it
Me. No unless you wanna get yo ass beat
Sonic. Woah chill out
Me. Don't you know to never touch a wolfs tall without asking
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