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Iride for Oxygen




A simple Substratum theme that let you customize the look of your OxygenOS system.

- 25+ System apps themed;

- Many preset configurations;

- 50+ Accents, bundled in accents packs;

- Other customization choices coming soon.



- Unlocked bootloader + root or Andromeda
Flash TWRP recovery and flash /sdcard/substratum/

- Locked bootloader + Andromeda
If your system crashes it may also reboot. Just wait for it to boot again.
Plug your device to your pc, open a terminal and type these commands:
adb shell
cmd overlay list
cmd overlay disable PACKAGENAME (repeat this command for every overlay)
adb reboot
If the device reboots before the last command wait for it to boot, so try again.



Images (color schemes/accents packs) (updating...)

Adaptive Icon (because why not?)

Telegram support chat (do you need one?)
coming soon

If you need something more let me know!

Not sure why if I pay for icons, I can't submit more than 5 icon requests?!

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I have a feature request for iride theme
it is actionbar related
it is explained in the image
-disable expandable actionbar
-change actionbar icons and text colour to default material nougat
-make this change for the default theme only as it may not work well with light theme
thanks in advance

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Iride white theme bug for audio source text is white on white


Why can't I do a premium request anymore?

Hi Matey.

Few broken activities in Talitha.

Leeds United App
SD Maid
Simple Pro
MX Player Pro

Hope this helps you out :)

+Andrea Panico

Could somepost screenshot after making it look like android P
I want to see the final look before purchasing
thanks in advance

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For the ones in here that don't have them yet :)
It's download time!

Get them here:

Remember to leave some good review and share with friends!

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Check this out!
Yes, I'm alive.
This is Talitha v22


In this new version of Talitha You will find a new Dashboard, a lot of redesigned icons and 32 new icons.
Now every icon is 256x256 pixels instead of 192x192 pixels (QHD display users will be VERY happy).
Anyway all these improvements doesn't transform Talitha in a storage killer, as the apk sizes are about the same (19MB for v21 - 20MB for v22).
Also, premium requests are no longer available.

Enjoy Talitha and thank You all.
In the next days Talitha Round will be available for free, follow me for updates about it πŸ˜‰

no matter which combination I choose when compiling it always looks the same....!?😞
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