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+Mr. Statue​ I hope you like it~😍

(I wrote a fanfiction! I usually wait a day or two to revise it again and write more. Hopefully it's at least decent.)

+Cringe Worthy
+Mr. Charlie
+Kleopatra Angel
+Marsmellow Chub


Karl is in a deep in a nightmare he can't wake up from. As if he was being trapped by the dark corners of his own mind and crippling fears. He felt he couldn't move like he was being held down and suppressed by his own weaknesses. Karl wiggled and softly whimpering, turning his head from side to side. He even began mumbling things that is incomprehensible. His fists clenched and curled in the sheets of the bed, Trying to grab a sense of what's real and fake. His body twitched feeling something placed on his chest and hearing an inaudible voice. He was too busy panicking to care. Until his nightmare finally releases him from it's clutches when the voice called out to him again.
He woke up abruptly and sat upright with a breathless gasp. The hand tried massaging his shoulder to bring comfort. "Karl..?" The voice belonged to karl's husband charles or how he calls him, Mr.Charlie.
"Are you alright? Mr.Charlie is concerned.."

"I'm f-fine charlie." He said sternly but utterly failed to hide the stuttering. Charlie held the karl's hand which has the ring that also symbolizes their commitment to each other and the reminder of the omens they made at the alter. Charlie used his other hand to hold karl's face to meet eye to eye. "Karl, please. Mr.Charlie knows something is wrong." Karl looked at him with guilt and sorrow written all over his face. "I can't - I just can't.." He let out a breath he didn't know he was even holding in before having to give in and breaking down. His shaky arms snaked their way around Charlie to embrace him tightly and making choked, tear-less sobs. Charlie kissed his husbands head and nuzzles karl's hair, holding him close and cradling him. Letting Karl rest his head on his chest. Charlie pet's karl's head to soothe him. "You're here now Karl.."

Finally Karl had minimized his sobs to sniffles. Charlie then lifted his head to face him and leaned forward to give him a soft kiss. They parted their lips then rests their heads on one another for the relief of some peace on karl's behalf. "Come on, you should sleep. Mr.Charlie thinks you'll need it.." He lays down still having Karl hold on to him. Karl cuddled him before settling down to sleep. Charlie may not know what has given Karl such a fright in their dreams but he'll be right there for him to give him loving comfort and emotional support.

I can do requests. ヾ(´∀`)ノ Privately giving requests or publicly.

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+Mr. Statue​ I'm done I hope you like it^^

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