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There you go that is the guy I had a dream of (NO) I did not draw it it's from a movie that's how I found the picture.

Umm hi well I dreamed about uhh hmm

Coughs I had a nightmare
I was stuck in a house
The whole time it was nighttime
There were other people
But they kept dying and i blamed myself
Then a man dressed in all white approaches me holding a knife
He stabs
I felt the pain
I closed my eyes

And i woke up

Last night I had a dream of a guy with a breathing mask and that guy is from Insidious 3 just cause I watched it that day I had that dream well let me tell you what happened in it.First of all I was just in the dark not knowing what to do and then suddenly I saw someone with a breathing mask on he came towards me and just did eye contact with me.So I say who are you and the guy just doesn't answer I was so scared after waiting for his answer he vanished.Then I saw him again he just saw me and waved at me just like in the movie.And then I started running and I don't know if this has ever happened to any of you but it was as if I was running in slow motion.Then he started running after me and thats it I woke up cause I couldn't handle it anymore and I was sweating like a PIG! Also I'm only 8 and yeah I can watch LPS Popular action movies like with guns and scary movies.But thanks for all reading and I'm new to this community.XD


Last night...

I dreamed of nothing .-.

I am new here and I dreamed about: SCHOOL!!! :(

I had a lucid dream.



I is new and I dreamed about running!
I don't know what from but others soon joined and we all just ran for hours
It was really cool

I had a dream I was the child of Captain Swan (my otp)
Killy is the best dad js
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