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wobbegong platform hopper

version number: early access, 0.95

- new boost speed power up
- different splash screen
- .exe launcher
- linux .sh and .desktop files

new version uploaded to and indieDB

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Link to wobbegong 2D indieDB page
wobbegong 2D
wobbegong 2D

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Link to wobbegong platform hopper indieDB page 


I'm always looking for feed back; so if you have any criticisms, suggestions or even praise I would be grateful for hearing them.

Your comments don't have to be tomes, a couple of sentences would be great.

Either way, thank you for taking the time to subscribe to this G+ community.

Best regards.

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wobbegong platform hopper update

Based on feed back from: Tipsy Cleric

- maps have been modified so they start with fewer jewels and blocks
- two 'power ups' fall from the top: jump-boost and rapid-fire
- left control key highlights jewels; useful for finding illusive jewels 

If like me you are an amateur game developer and have built a
'map making tool' where the maps made with that tool are loaded into
your game for the player to navigate, then you probably already
know what I have just recently learned:

- keep map sizes small

I got excited by map-making for several reasons:

- my map-making-tool works !!
- look at what I can do with it !!

The resulting maps created with enthusiasm turn out to be too large
and complex, playing beautifully for me because I am the developer
and everything has always run nicely on my computer... but this is
not the experience of the person who has never played my game
before. To them the maps are intimidating and cluttered:

- the levels are unnecessarily long and so boring

Personally, I needed someone to give me feedback, for me to realise
there was a problem with my game map sizes.

New version can be down loaded here:

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Just added a few screen shots of my new platform-hopper.

The goal is to collect all the jewels on a map as fast as you can.

Wobbegong Platform Hopper will be made available in the next day or two.

It will run on Linux, Mac and Windows and minimum specs are: CPU 1.8mhz, RAM 1gig.

Best regards

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