Self-cloudable desktop software?
Gday Glen. Will it be feasible to run your desktop software on multiple machines all pointed to the same private cloud for their data files? I'm in the habit of using numerous computers, and keep my stuff in a self-hosted nextcloud environment. In my scenario there wouldn't be any concurrent sessions. Also, do you have any plans for an android app? Cheers.

Just started with FreeAccounting Software. I'd like to use it also for the tax return 2017/18. Is it possible to prepare and lodge the tax return although the numbers for 2017/18 have not been in FreeAccounting software for that year? Can I put the numbers in manually for the tax return? Thanks for your reply.

Hi, I found your site/software as a result of looking up the ATO site on how to lodge Trust Returns online (via SBR). I was unable to find any more info on trusts in your video sections or in the forum. My first questions are, should I get an Auskey, and should I set up my organization under the SBR option?

My trust is a simple family trust, with a company trustee (me as sole director/sole shareholder).

I notice the link on the AUS Key Credential List page (which goes to ATO) no longer exists


Just starting using this- have been using the OLD Bas accounting software but it has finally given up on me, ( Windows 10 and all updates since!) I was looking for a free software as I am only a VERY small business and need something to stay legal.This looks okay- we shall see how it works. I am in Victoria. I do not have any employees purely a Work At Home partnership.

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Introducing our new desktop software. Single Touch Payroll demo.

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Introducing our new desktop software - Activity Statement lodge and revise.

I have been playing around with reconciliations and have ended up with multiple entries for bank statements some on the same dates.. is it possible to delete these. Another example is if after doing monthly reconciliations I just want to do a final annual one to ensure no previous reconciliations have been compromised... can I delete the monthly bank balances?

why am i getting this message?

Messages (note that messages created when lodging are not removed until re-lodgement)
Error, CMN.ATO.GEN.XBRL01, The message did not pass XBRL validation. Please contact your software provider., The content of the tuple '{uniqueID}' is not correct. Added items may not be appropriate or required items may not be added., Location: /xbrli:xbrl/ps.0005.lodge.req.02.00:Payee[9]

The link to create a PDF for an employee payment summary appears to be broken. It creates a 1kb file which Adobe says "Error opening file" when one tries to open the download.

Hi Glen. I read that you elected not to enable leave accruals due to the support overhead, but I'm wondering if there's a way to populate this manually? I'm of the understanding it's a legal requirement to display a leave balance on the payslip, and I see there are variables available on the payslip template - can I insert numbers into those fields?
Many thanks for providing FAS.
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