Dobrý deň, budík mi nezvoní aj keď všetko zvonenia zapnuté.

Hi guys, I have been using this app for quite a long time,but I recently changed my phone to Huawei p9 lite - and my alarms are suddenly not working at all.
I tried all settings, I whitelisted app absolutely everywhere, but my alarms are just not going off. I even tried setting alarm and then I kept my screen on, so I can rule out the possibility that app is killed in the background,but nothing really helps. ANY ideas?

Can I Translate to Portuguese?

Dobry den. Aplikacia mi po nastaveni budika nezapne informacnu ikonku v stavovej liste. Preinstalovanie aplikacie nepomohlo a v nastaveniach ju mam zapnutu. Neviete poradit kde moze byt problem? Dakujem.

what's up I like the app pretty well done I already Purchased the pro version just by give it a first try, I would like you to add the feature to play songs from Spotify Premium the would be great and I'll rate the app with 5 stars. 🙋👍

Hi guys, is there any chance to move forward with this project?

Set my alarm per my work shift, which alternates 3 days per week (sun - tues), then 4 days (sun - wed). The app picks up the pattern for 6 months, then the days change automatically from sunday to saturday. I need it to stay at the days i set at the beginning.

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The selected Ringtone will always appear as the default alarm tone. Even if I select a different ringtone, the selected ringtone will never update.
As seen in the pic, it will always says "standard ringtone (life's good)" in Swedish)

Looks like it's just the view that's broken.
I can actually select another ringtone from the dropdown, and when the alarm fires that selected ringtone will play.
But the view always shows the standard ringtone as if that was the selected one.

Using an LG G2. 

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A serious bug. Shake to dismiss does not work. No shaking is registered at all..
All I get is the "Shake to dismiss" screen with a zero counter and no other way to disable it.
So I have to forcefully close the alarm clock process to get it to shut up.


Zdravím páni vývojári, dneska som si chcel pridať budík no vždy pri zadávaní času mi aplikácia spadne.. Nepomohol ani reštart ..
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